Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Little Lady Bug

I can't go without saying Happy Birthday to my favorite Lady Bug. Sweet Anna Louise Hall turned ONE and they partied without us over the weekend. This was a big "One" to miss! To say I was sad is an understatement. Here are some cute pics from the party. (Did I mention how sad I was to miss it??)
We love you Lou Lou...Happy Happy Birthday!

Ash threw the party of the year! If you want to see more pictures and plan your next Lady Bug party, click here.


Caryn said...

OMG that was SOOOOOOOOO cute -I loved every detail!! I know how hard it must be to miss it :(. But thankfully Miss Anna Lou doesn't need you at her b-day party to know how much you love her.

angie said...

that party was PRECIOUS:) I love all the red and black polka-dots:) We may have to have a "wadybug" party too someday. Your sister did a fantastic job!! I am sad for you that you missed it, I know that must have been really hard. When will you see your fam again?

Ashley Hall said...

It was NOT the same with out Aunt Sissy, Uncle Nick and the Bees!!! We all missed you more than you can imagine!! Everyone asked about you, of course! We love you and know you love our Ladybug too!!

Shannon said...

SERIOUSLY??? Too too precious. We might just be stealing that one for Payton's #1! I will be feeling this same way come May when my Reid turns one. HEARTBREAKING knowing I can't be there. Love you and miss you! Let's skype one day this week. We are of course around!