Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Sugar to Sand

Brooks and I made Valentine cupcakes for his class to enjoy today. I dropped the Bees and cupcakes off at school and then went to Bible study. I was visiting outside after Bible study and in a matter of seconds the sky went from blue to brown. A huge sand storm literally took over. Below are a few pictures from my car. It was like a driving in very dense fog but like nothing I've ever seen before. The storm started around 11:30am and is still going...its been almost 5 hours. Not a chance of keeping sand out of your mouth if you go outside. I'm sure our house will be extremely dusty and sandy tomorrow. If we weren't sure we were in the desert, we are NOW! I guess it could be worse and will be...this summer with temperatures over 110.

Brooks and his sprinkles!

Just outside church

Pulling out on to the main road from our church

Entering a round-about

Cars approaching from just a few yards away.

Looking at a gas station across the road.

Waiting at a light, looking across the street.

Approaching the light at a round-about. Just before this picture an ambulance tried to get through traffic, which Doha drivers aren't respectful of to begin with. Even worse when drivers are completely freaking out over the storm. Most drivers here think they're entitled to drive just about any way they choose. So being on the road during a sand storm is not a safe place to be. We're home for the rest of our day and there's certainly no playing outside.

Here's the counter in our kitchen when I returned home...oops!
Lesson learned...never leave windows open, a sand storm might blow through.


Katy said...

W-H-A-T??? Are you kidding me? That is craziness!!! I've never seen anything like that before...And people in Midland tell me they have sandstorms. :) You be careful!!! miss you!

shannonmichaelis said...

great photo of brooks! can't believe that sandstorm! how scary for you to be driving in it. i feel like it was an indiana jones movie or something. won't be the same at katie's v-day party without you - you guys were always such a good team when you entertained at each other's house....

Caryn said...

What a PRECIOUS little valentine Brooks is!! Do they celebrate Valentines Day in Doha? We had sand storms in Lubbock, obviously nothing like that!! But I know how gross the west Texas versions were so I can NOT imagine the real thing in the desert!! WOW!

angie said...

Brings back the 'ol days of walking across TTU campuss with a mouth full of sand...but that looks 10 times worse!! Be safe. I LOVE the picture of Brooks with the cupcakes, he looks so proud! Great pictures

Shannon said...

OK - seriously? I LOVE the picture of the counter. That is a hoot!
Man Brooks is a knockout. He is precious with those cupcakes! So proud! Miss you and love you. Call when you can. We are of course home! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... that makes me want to cough!!!!

The Fox Family said...

Hey - It's Casey. When is the best time call Nick (Houston Time)?

Ashley Hall said...

OH wow!! Crazy!! Duck and cover!! Cutie of Brooks and his cakes!!