Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Doha

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday with our new dear friends, the Duncans (who we're so thankful for). We went to church Friday morning (Holy Day in Doha), took naps and then indulged ourselves with all the grub we could make for Thanksgiving. Best meal we've had since being here. Little bit of Texas in Doha. We enjoyed all the food and the company! Here are some photos. Notice how the boys wrapped up our evening in our "backyard". They weren't be supervised which lead to the new Doha Water Park.

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Anonymous said...

Ah I'm glad you got to have a Texan Thanksgiving too! Ya'll had quite the spread! The dishes that my mom and I both have are by MacKenzie-Childs. The plates on the table are the MacLachlan pattern and the checked pieces are the enamelware in the Courtly Check pattern. (Here's a link to their site http://www.mackenzie-childs.com/index.aspx) Hope all is well! ~Kaki