Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Trip to the Souqs

Last night we went to the local outdoor markets in Doha, known in Arabic as souqs. Its full of atmosphere and local flare. Its a very family friendly place and its a fun place to sit around late at night to have a cup of coffee. Lots of good people watching :) The restaurants are out doors which lends a variety of smells and sounds. Its definitely one of my favorite places in Doha. The structure was recently re-built to resemble the old souqs which makes the experience feel authentic. The vendors sell, electronics, furniture, luggage, decor, fabric, spices, toys, shoes, etc. One of the treasures I bought last night was frankincense. I have no idea what I'll do with it but I've got some. Seemed fun for Christmas! The highlight for the evening was Brooks riding a donkey. He insisted, which was a surprise. He loved it! I wish I had video camera. The donkey was actually moving at a quick pace. He bounced on top of that donkey back and forth down the cobblestone sidewalk. These pictures aren't very good but you get the idea.

Barrett happily waved his Qatar flag as if Brooks was in a parade.

Well known and beautiful mosque in Doha across the street from the souqs.

Souqs from a distance.

Today is National Day in Qatar (like our 4th of July) So there are extra decorations around the city. As you can see these lights resemble Christmas lights. Of course that's how we refer to them.


Shannon said...

OK, really - the Brown kids will probably never experience riding a donkey! That is incredible! The memories you are making are priceless and I know one day you will look back and be amazed at all you guys did while away from the good ol' USA. Love you!

Team Hall said...

Oh wow! I just looked at these pics! Everything looks awesome. There isnt much camel riding going on in McKinney, so Anna will have to make a trip to Doha to do that!!