Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well we have some bittersweet feelings around here. Our house on Rustic Fields closed yesterday! We have had very mixed emotions. Obviously we're thankful for buyers and the blessing that our house sold. While at the same time, we're very sad to let go of a house full of precious memories. Our house was just a house, nothing special about its structure, upgrades or lack there of but what it gave us was place we truly called home and we'll never forget. Obviously its special because it was our very first house and because a lot can happen in 5 years!

First and foremost because of God's provision and plan on Rustic Fields we met life-long friends. The Tuleys and Flanakins.

Not long after we moved in we had a chance to share the house with our best friends, Derek and Shannon Michaelis. They called Rustic Fields their home for about 5 months during Derek's off season of professional baseball. Derek and Shannon helped us paint the house before we moved in, which I hope the new owners really appreciate :) Those walls are really tall and only Derek could have done that! We'll never forget those child free days with very little responsibility. They were the first to help us make that house into a home. Thanks S&D!

One of the reasons we bought our house was because of the trees and the specific lot that was available. Needless to say our favorite room in the house was our backyard. Our back yard was a place for birthdays, get togethers, and lots and lots of playing.
We'll miss it more than anything else!

The most special days of my life were when I was living in my house on Rustic Fields. My baby boys, the BEES both came home to this house and to this room. Nick worked so hard to make it just like I wanted it. Chocolate brown with bead board and crown molding. Of all the rooms inside the house...it was my favorite! I'll never forget the memories that surround the boys' "birth" days and many firsts that happened in this house!

Memories that will always be special to me were the times my house and I had the privilege to host a baby shower to honor some of my best friends and my sister-in-law. The showers were all different and fun to plan. It was a treat to shower these mommies and prepare for their new babies.

Not knowing about our overseas move, we decided to have some extras added to our house. Both, were put in with lots of love and anticipation. A Covered Patio and New Floors!

Going, Going, Gone!

I never thought Rustic Fields would be my dream house but after crying through all these pictures and trying to find some closure on this chapter in our life, I have come to realize this was my dream house. Dreams came true here and I'll be forever blessed and reminded of the special 5 years we lived here. As we let go of Rustic Fields we truly embrace and look with excitement to our new house (villa), plus many more exciting memories!
On to the next...Al Zuhoor Compound, Villa 34 - Doha, Qatar.


Sharon said...

Gosh Wen! Tears are FLOWING! I never visited there, but you wrote so well!! I felt every moment you wrote about! What a special "tribute" and memory you now have from writing all of that! So special! Remember...your home is where your family is. After the several moves I had to come to that realization. It is bittersweet!

nanflan said...

How many Kleenex does it take to get through a post!!! No matter who moves in next door, we will always cherish you all and the memories there.

Caryn said...

Oh, how sweet, I am tearing up. And what a GREAT reminder that a dream house has very little to do with amenities and everything to do with the people inside!!!!!

Katy said...

Oh Wendi Lou! I am just aching and crying for you! And---I can completely relate! (not about moving to Doha)But our teeny little house in McKinney was the same for us-----SO many firsts there, precious starting out newlywed memories. The BEST of times. I think it just makes me sad that AM won't remember it... :( BUT---we will. We'll have it in our hearts forever!
Great talking to you yesterday!! miss you!

shannonmichaelis said...

Man, that post took you awhile to conjoure up all those memories! So many things happened at house! It was so great that the backyard was so big to accommodate all those gatherings! I guess it;s getting more surreal for me as well as I realize you really aren't coming back from your "vacation". Miss you like crazy and can't wait to hug your neck!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post! I can't believe you left out that Sam took a poop in your beautiful dining room on the white carpet. Oh, the days before kids. :)

Kristin S

Jaime said...

congrats on the sale! very sweet post.

Kylie said...

That is quite a change! I miss my old house SO much and it is only 10 minutes away from me now. You are so right- a home is what you make it. I appreciate this post and pray your new house will feel like home so very soon.

Ethan's Folks said...

We do have some great memories shared with you at your home in Cypress. I remember both a couple's bible study and one just for the ladies, our Sunday School Christmas Party, Ethan's baby shower, birthday parties, visiting you when the Bees were babies, visiting in your living room, and of course your Round Top final hurrah. Thanks for reminding us that our dreams come true with those we love. I miss you tons, please let me know when you'll be in town. I started working on Ethan's b-day invites and was sad that I wouldn't be able to expect your attendance. See you soon, I hope! Love you- Jilly

angie said...

such beautiful words. And so true, thank you for that today!

The Berridges said...

Thanks for sharing. When we sold our house in Odessa we felt the same. We knew it wasn't a house we would be in forever...it was SO tiny! But, it was our first house, and, like you, we brought both our boys home to that house. Even though our house in Lubbock gave us twice the space and we knew it was where God wanted us to be, it was very hard to let go of the place that held so many wonderful memories. Congratulations of the sell of your house. I look forward to reading more of you new memories from Doha!

Lindsey said...

Oh my gosh, I love your home in Cypress! Looks like my dream house too. We are thinking about putting in a covered porch and hardwoods also. You are a fabulous decorator. Where did you find most of your furniture and decor? We are still in the process of putting our house together and I am in desperate need of ideas/suggestions.