Thursday, December 4, 2008

Playtime in Doha

Dryer is always a fun place...until someone shuts a little brother in there and turns it on. Didn't happen...but Honey is afraid it might :) I promise it won't!

Brooks...ready for his first day of school at Apple Tree. He loved it and so did the rest of us!

Brooks walked right in and joined his class singing "Bringing Home My Baby Bumble Bee".

Brooks and Macy after school.

Boys playing at Bennigans. Awesome indoor and outdoor play areas.

Here we are at the Doha DQ for lunch and playtime. Yep, we had the chicken basket with gravy. Almost as good as Texas DQ...can you tell we're pretty desperate for familiar food? Another great indoor play area for the boys.


ALL 4 BEES! Wish you could see that Brooks and Barrett are literally bouncing on Baker and Brody. Poor dogs! Brody is yawning...he's so over it!

Nick has had to put in some long hours at work so he requested a special picnic lunch date at the park with Barrett. This park is one of the very few in Doha and its just across the street from Nick's office and right on the beautiful water. The weather is perfect here. Feels like a typical Houston fall day....about 70ish.


Six Halls said...

So cute of little B on Nick's back! Gosh he looks big! Love all the play areas. Wish had more of those here! Glad you got a little DQ. Did you get a butterfinger blizzard too?

Six Halls said...

ok, so I am signed in out Kim's blog bc I am helping her set it up! Oops, this is Ash! And I made the last comment, not Kim!

How it Began said...

I love the pictures of the boys. The get cuter by the day. I miss yall so much. Boy I can here your Mom freak about the drier from here. Perfect hide out for hide-n-seek. Gotta give him credit. Love you

Anonymous said...

DQ!!! You are set! Heath Blizzards in Doha. :) woo hoo

Kristin S.