Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Singing Dunes

Friday afternoon we were invited to spend the afternoon and evening at the Singing Dunes. Nick's boss, Brian and his wife, Biny have been so generous and hospitable to us. We joined their family and some of their other friends. We drove about 45 minutes outside Doha to HUGE sand dunes. We had an awesome time. Brooks wasn't feeling his best. I'm sorry he didn't get to enjoy it as much as he usually would. The dunes are hard to describe but here are A LOT of pictures. Climbing up the dune was incredibly hard!! Much more difficult than it looks. The sand is deep and the dune is steep. We loved the challenge and the outing! We had a blast and look forward to going again!

Land Cruiser with special tires. He drove all over the dunes. Nick was itching to join him but his car isn't equipped for the dunes.

Brooks and Nick begin their climb.

Daddy gives B a little ride.

Still climbing but getting closer...

They made it!!

Bear enjoying the sand and his new toys while the other boys climb!

The dunes are called "singing dunes" because of the sound the sand makes as it comes down the dune. You can see the sand moving around Nick and Brooks. The sand is so fine and soft. Sounds similar to a tuba. Its loud and very strange, but really cool!

Not the sight you want to see but please notice the sand up to my calf...serious work out!

I was determined to make it...Not letting my 3 yr old show me up.

The Bees had lots of fun with the sand.

Snack time.

Who's this dare devil?

The guys resting from the climb and prepping for some sand boarding.

Hot Dog!

This is a crazy Arab on his 4-wheeler.


Getting the fire ready for grilling

DUNE family

Campfire time

Roasting for S'mores!


Caryn said...

So fun! What an adventurous family :)

angie said...

That looks awesome:) Good work, and work out I bet! Smores are the best.

Sharon said...

Memories, memories that now seem funny I'm sure, but looking back will be so great!! I'm sure of it!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Justin would have loved that! Wish our worlds could collide on occasion so the boys could reunite again. Only a few more weeks.....

Shannon said...

I love it! Such a different world. I love living your days there through you! Love you!

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! What amazing memories you are making over there. Have a Merry Christmas. Aren't you coming home for the holidays?

How it Began said...

That look's like so much fun. Glad you didn't break a leg! Hope you're doing well. I miss you! I think of you so often. I need an update on how you are!