Monday, January 28, 2013

Day in the Desert!

Over the weekend we had a great Doha day.  Nick was out of town for the previous 7 days and we were wearing thin.  Much to our surprise the Warners were planning a fun day out in the desert and invited mama and her 3 little bears to join them!!  Aren't they brave!  We are so thankful and had so much fun.  It was unusual and we made some great Doha memories.  We drove out of Doha into the middle of NO WHERE for the most unreal set up.
The International (seriously?) Falcons and Hunting Festival
 Serving us Arabic tea...he loved Georgia but she wasn't so sure.
 The queens on their thrones...out in the middle of the freakin' desert!
Hangin around...waiting for the Saluki races that were supposed to start at 2pm "sharp"...yeah right. 
 Dan deciding on his tea
 Morgan deciding on a snack
 Move to a foreign country and you'll be surprised how many surprises you actually eat :)  All very traditional Arabic food.  We especially loved the Arabic Awwamat...aka donut holes soaked in honey.
 Georgie loved the noodles
 Next up the Saluki races.  Saluki is the Arabic dog breed...similar to a greyhound.  Again, we're out in the middle of the desert and they have 2 huge jumbo trons set up...all run by generators. Here come the dogs....let the pictures speak for themselves.  CRAZY! 
Um...they're chasing a live Oryx (this region's deer-like animal) 
 There were more land cruisers driving along side than there were dogs! 
These kids may never make the jumbo-tron at Minute Maid Park or The Ballpark but the sure did for the Saluki races!  Little westerners always playing in the sand.  Never gets old. 
  My people and my sweet friend Morgan!
I always admire their faithfulness to be so disciplined. 
 A little falcon competition.  This is a very popular and VERY EXPENSIVE hobby.  They used to use falcons for hunting, now they're primarily a for stature and competition.  One bird can be worth more than $250,000. 
 Brooks checking him out.
We really had so much fun and the boys loved it all.  This family is so good to us.  Dan and Morgan took the boys around to look at skeet shooting too, which was of course fascinating. 
After wrapping things up at the festival we headed for some beach time. 
 another random hobby
 Mr. Dan and Brooks working on our fire pit
Serving up dogs
 Playing catch
Sand babies...just never gets old
 4-wheelers, calling it a night
 full moon, chilly night and warm campfire


Christine said...

I love seeing your family and the Warners together. Sweet, sweet families. Looks like an amazing day.

Jackie said...

Very cool! What fun memories for your kiddos...

Katy said...

Um i just LOLed at the random hobby person!! What in the world? He is jet packing it over the ocean! Doha is awesome.