Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Day in Doha

Christmas morning was almost too early but somehow we managed to hold off for an extra hour.  Brooks came in extra early but we talked him back into going back to sleep.  It was about 8am when the troops couldn't stand it and we were headed downstairs to see if Santa had come to see us in Doha. 
Georgia was still unsure about Santa actually coming to her house, fear that he was waiting for her downstairs that morning.  So Daddy carried her down while I horribly managed the video camera and regular camera.  Didn't take long for all 3 to dash off for their stash. 
Shame on Mrs. Clause for letting Santa bring Brooks a left handed glove.  Details must not be her specialty!  He tried so hard to cram it on but thankfully was distracted by the other fun stuff.
Santa brought white donuts!  Priceless in these parts! 
 I was just sure he would loose interest since I nearly broke my neck trying to stand on it.  It was on the very top of his list!
 Feel free to pray over this for a variety of reasons if you feel so lead.  Sweet boy...hellacious skateboard. 
 Trying out her new TRI
 Georgia and her #1 keeper. 
 I had these grand ideas of a yummy brunch and cute table set up for our morning.  Quickly I realized no really one cares at ages 2, 5, 7 or even 34.  I would have exhausted myself for no reason.  Sure it would have be a little fun for me but considering how little time and energy I have for it, I decided to leave the brunch for grandmothers and future years.  Nick and I enjoyed mini-monkey bread while the kids devoured the white donuts.
 On to some wrapped presents from our families and each other. We took turns as usual and there was lots of support.
 Nick got this really special pocket watch that was his great great grandfather's.
 Legos under construction immediately
 Jedi training...and potty training coming up very soon!
Once again, I was thinking a delicious dinner at our dining room table for Christmas dinner.  Turns out our table was covered in Legos and lots of toys...no brainer.  The pretty table and hassle wasn't important compared to the fun and time together.  So I ditched those plans and the Christmas Spode for our usual plates and dinner at our kitchen table.  We still managed to have some delicious grub that included of my first beef tenderloin, scalloped potatoes and green beans.  It was all gobbled up by these little people and the big ones too. 
 One of Georgia's favorite toys...thank you Hall cuzzies!
 And we finished the night with a fierce game of Headbands...
 Clothes were apparently optional...once again prepping for PT!
Merry  Christmas from us five!

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