Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's happenin!

We've had a lot of just regular routine days around here.  So here's what's happenin'...

Lots of big bro help from Barrett as Georgia transitions from the crib to well, basically the floor.  They are a serious pair! Love hard, fight hard!
Since this picture, Georgia is actually sleeping in a regular size twin bed.  She's as happy as a lark and we're all up early with her! 
  Tea by the pool
 Making homemade pizzas with our buddies and then having a big ol sleepover at our house!
 One of our dearest Doha friends was back!!! Dede was here for a few weeks since her hubs, Jerry was working in the region so we had all kinds of extra fun beginning with a bbq at the Warners. 
Georgia with some of her favorite Aunts (Gena, Traci and Dede)
 Melissa, Pam, Teresa
We've been playing some Doha soccer on Saturday mornings.   The boys are both playing on the same team, Chelsea.  The environment is so European and unfamiliar to us.  I love it.  We play all those cool names like Lucca, Harry, Angus, Oliver, etc.  There are some Aussies on our team too.  I'd definitely say there's good room for improvement with this sport but the boys have jumped right in an seem to be motivated.  We're thankful to be in Doha and apart of a casual and fun playing atmosphere.  No strict practice schedules or regimens.  Practice is optional and we show up for games to have fun and learn.  Needless to say there is a variety of talent. 
 Cute little sideline supporters...Emery and Georgie
Another pic of Em with Brooks before her game the next week.  
Birthday lunch for my sweet (and movie star"ish" looking) friend Stacy!  Seriously she's a rock star!
Playin' some softball and sadly saying good-bye to the Sessions 
Tom and Stacey have been in Doha for 11 years!  They will be greatly missed...especially on the softball field!
 "The Heat's" biggest fans...Mrs. Pam and Georgia! 

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