Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Nick's Birthday is usually celebrated on a plane or as a joint celebration with Christmas or New Years.  That's no fun...never is!  This year I truly realized how lacking we've been in celebrating our Daddy.  No matter the date...everyone deserves to be celebrated on THEIR day, separate from everything else.  In the last 4 years, we've been packing and hurrying ourselves to get back to Doha or we just throw it all together because he's not a picky guy.  I won't do it anymore. There really is nothing like celebrating the way kids do.  The boys and Georgia planned all day for Daddy.  We shopped and prepared and they were literally about to bust before he came in the door from work.  Each made very very detailed birthday cards and were so excited to celebrate their daddy they adore!
We picked up Fuddruckers burgers and made the birthday boy grill them for us.  Table scape and party planners we're set by the little people.  No doubt about it the party theme was "movie night" in honor of the location was situated in the living room for Ice Age 4.
 Instead of red velvet cake (Daddy's fave, but recently made for Jesus) we went with cherry popovers for their cherry lover.
 One of his beloved gifts, Diet Mountain Dew.
One of Nick's favorites just arrived in Doha...he's been looking and waiting for 4 years.  Finished up with movie night! 
 I pray I can do my best to always live my life reflecting how thankful I am to God for giving me Nick.  I am so blessed by his 35 years and for the shaping and sharpening that has made him in to the man he is today.  He and his story were meant for me and this exact moment. We are so crazy opposite in many ways which is exactly what I need.  Happiest Birthday Nick!  You are loved so much!!


Lindsey said...

This is so sweet! Happy belated birthday Nick! Ryan LOVES Mt. Dew. Sounds like we have similar husbands. Ha!

Nathan Shults said...

Where did you find Diet Mountain Dew in Doha? I have searched multiple grocery stores around town. Diet Pepsi and Coke Light are poor substitutes for the best flavor in the world known as Diet Dew.