Friday, January 4, 2013

Just hanging around...

We have done a whole lotta nothing with a few doses of random around here since Christmas.
Nick finished this fort a few months ago and the boys have been just busting to sleep in it when the weather got cooler.  I wouldn't say its cool but we're down in the 70 and 80s so that's manageable for outdoor sleeping.  Prepping for the night.
Daddy slept outside the first night...then they were on their own for the second. 
We worked on a serious puzzle and managed to finish it.
Barrett and Georgia loved some playdoh!
We made homemade donuts a few times
We've played a lot of Wii
and we've potty trained...
I'd say it was a success!  Georgia has done an excellent job and I think we picked the right timing.  My potty training experience with the boys has been a nightmare at times.  I really don't think potty training has anything to do with how well I instruct or the plan I try to implement...its completely up to the little mister or prissy.  So far so good with Georgia...we'll see how it goes at school next week.  I have to give credit to the big brothers...they helped and encouraged more than anyone around here.  

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