Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saturday Full!!

We celebrated our Halloween a little early this year because we knew we would be out of town and would miss the trick or treat fun.  Honestly I was pretty excited to avoid all the Halloween hype.  
 Our friends the Scotts hosted a Boo Breakfast at their house so the kids would have a chance to dress up instead of completely missing out.  I put off getting the kids costumes since I knew we would be gone which lead to some last minute ideas. 
Georgia has PJs that look like a clown so we added a wig.  Barrett wanted to be Peter we used Brooks' 1 yr old costume accessories and just looked in our closet for a green shirt and then last but not least Brooks opted to repeat with his 2011 Santa costume. 
Georgia wasn't thrilled about the wig but she survived.
Adorable cupcakes at the party.  Melissa ordered these and I must say Doha really impressed! 
 Also very impressed with the Pinterest recipe for candy corn bark.  So sweet of them to share it with us since candy corn is no where to be found here.
 Ava and Audrey the hostesses!
My monkeys!
 After a morning full of Halloweening we were off to Nick's company family day.  It was loaded with all kinds of fun but the magic show and face painting really got our attention.
 Gotta love Doha's version of the jack-o-lantern. They had no idea what he wanted. I showed them a picture and this was the result...ok?!  Spidey is happy that's for sure...completely with glitter...Oh Doha!
 And finally we ended our day at Daddy's softball game which was a blast for Georgia. She loves running around getting absolutely filthy and playing with Mrs. Stacey's puppy.

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Kacey said...

The picture of georgia crying in the wig is making me laugh out loud!!! I think its a framer! Love seeing what y'all are up to.