Thursday, November 1, 2012

Celebrating in October

October is such a fun party month.  People we love have birthdays and we've been having fun.  
Georgia got invited to her first birthday party (without bros).  And it was all girl on all levels.  Pretty perfect for our little 2 year old.  She soaked it up! Thanks to her sweet little friend Delaney she has officially been 100% initiated into the princess world.

We just walked around the corner to the party.  She wasn't so sure about the Tinkerbell get-up but learned to love it once we arrived and saw the other princesses.
 My dear friend Vicky knows her stuff when it comes to early childhood.  She kicked this party in the tail pipe with some serious structure and fun!  Just what 2 and 3 year olds need!   The princesses loved it!
 Dining with the birthday queen!
 Dancing with their wands!
 Pink tea
 And of course a real grown up princess came by the party to tell us about real life as a princess in a far away land!  She may have been our favorite friend and babysitter but who really knows. 
We enjoyed a new restaurant in Doha, the Opal while celebrating my sweet friend Melissa's birthday!
One of the few BU Bears representin' over here in desert.  Thankful for the Scotts and their longevity!  She's been here for a while and hasn't moved on me.  Oh and I love that we also share being from the DFW metroplex.
We celebrated poolside with my dear friend Sherry! She is a cross between, my mom, my aunt, my mentor, my neighbor and/or my very generous and honest friend.  Loved by LOTS...we had a delicious lunch and enjoyed the sun!
 Lindsay, my Doha sista!  Her skin doesn't always match the wall...that's just my poor photography!
 We celebrated her birthday at a delicious Italian restaurant in the souq, Dolce Vita and made ourselves miserable on pumpkin ravioli and red velvet cupcakes.
Lindsay and I finished our week of partying by joining a few other October birthday girls at the spa for the morning.  October birthdays are the best and its the month I miss more than any other being away from home.  October brings change and some of my most favorite things on this planet.  Until I enjoy it again in the USA I am so very thankful for the people and moments this Doha life brings in October even if it means 100+ degree heat and $100 orange carving pumpkins! blah!

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