Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dead Sea Day 2

There are just so many fun memories and pictures. Apparently I have to make a lot of posts out of just a few days!  We are still so thankful and laughing about how easy our trip was with each other.  No challenging people or difficult kids which is shocking.  We helped each other a lot and had so much fun because...we're all the more the merrier type! We also all parent our kids the same, which we know makes all the difference.
Off to breakfast and more fun at the pool.  The hotel had the most beautiful architecture and setting.  It looked like a little Arabic village.  
Best buddies Cres and Bear
 So orderly...not usually but what an awesome little team! Walking to breakfast.  After our stay was all said it done, we would recommend it although we had a lot of little bumps, probably due to our larger group and 7 kids!
After breakfast our little people begged to go to the kids club so we made a plan to drop them off and then head back to the Dead Sea, adults only.  We were excited to mud-up and knew our kids would absolutely refuse.
The beautiful salty lake!
I'm sorry we don't have pictures of us putting the mud on! It was pretty hilarious.  We all had to help each other...sounds funny but EVERYONE does it.  Its a must!  The Dead Sea mud, minerals and salt are known and sold all over the world for skin care.  We noticed right away that the mud was a little tingly.
 We were surprised the water and mud didn't smell.  If we were slapping mud on our bods out of a good ol' Texas lake, it would be skanky!!  Not was special!
 The water was gorgeous and clear.  Little posed cheesy pic of floating and enjoying the mud mask. Super Men and Super Women!  
 Then after that mud treatment, we girls took off for another adventure at the spa.  Hopeful this time we could go to our appointments.  And we did!  FOR FREE! They actually comped our treatments because of the bad service we had experienced for the previous few days. 
Happy Mamas! And Rockin' dads for taking care of the kids and putting them down for naps while we indulged.  Seriously, Happy Birthday Day #2.
 Then for one more dip and hang out at the pool!
I really want to betroth these two right now but  I'll wait to see what God has in store.  Emery has to be the sweetest little girl I know.  I want my sons to marry a sweet spirited heart like her's for their sake and mine too!  love you little em!
Punkin' Crews
 Gabi always sweet and sharing with Georgia
 I loved this sweet picture of Em and Gabi just as the sun went down.  Precious girls! 
 One last Dead Sea sun set
 Then it was off to feed the kiddos and clean up.  They truly loved the kids club so we didn't didn't argue and dropped them off to enjoy a quiet dinner by ourselves.  
Georgia and Cres at the kids club having fun.
 Bring on the delicious dinner! Not a good picture but love the people in it and we had such a fun night together.
Holy Land Wine
Double Apple Hubbly Bubbly 
Delicious and very fancy coffee!
After dinner we grabbed our kids from the club so we could all hang out and enjoy the live music.  Amanda brought these trick or treat bags and fun activities since we were missing Halloween.
Our sweet little art babies, loving it. 
All of us danced with of our kiddos to the best live music.  We had so much fun and enjoyed the moment.  Unlike any other.  The little boys (and big boys) enjoyed the dancer. 
Love me some Amanda!
Out with a bang!  Incredibly night!

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Lindsey said...

You always take the BEST trips! You've convinced me that we need to live overseas at some point. I've talked to Ryan about what opportunities there are and hopefully someday we'll get to have that experience. Love following along with you!