Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jordan Day 2 - Holy Places

Jordan Day 2 was packed with some of the best memories.  We were up very early to head north.  This is looking back at Petra as we left.  Our first impression...amazing country with friendly beautiful people!
 We stopped to see a giant valley and mountains...not sure the name just followed the guide and enjoyed the temperature.  It was chilly!
 Then on to Madaba, the city of Mosaics.  Since we were traveling over Eid, we were ever-so delighted to see some slaughtering as we drove through town. Common practice in the middle east but wow...on the side of the road?  I guess it was drive-thru sacrifice.
On our way to Mount Nebo
Roadside entertainment, not unfamiliar to us though...
Our kiddos have been studying prayer for a few months.  We call our little group the Pickle Pack because all of the lessons are about people in the Bible who were in a pickle but then rescued by God because they prayed.  Lindsay's mom is on staff and a curriculum writer for Second Baptist Church in Houston so we have had the privilege of jumping on the bandwagon and using their incredible resources.  And we'll take the t-shirt too!  Thank you so much Grammy!  The kids wore their shirts to Mount Nebo so we could video their memory verse together!
Breathtaking and humbling moment at Mount Nebo where God showed Moses the Promise Land.  There is where he died and was able to see what the Israelites would inherit after all those years. It was beautiful and just what you might imagine! 
Pit stop for lunch!  Thank goodness we were prepared with PBJ fixins! Not a kid friendly buffet!
 lemon mint! 
 traditional Jordanian upside down dish- delish!
chicken, rice, eggplant and other veggies, cooked, then flipped out to serve
 Next stop was the Jordan River!
 Baptism Site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Wow...still reeling from that moment and place. 
 Feet in the water!
Matthew 3:16 says "At that moment heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and lighting on him"  
Heaven was opened there in that spot that we stood.  And in that very water Jesus showed us His love by being human and showed His power by example.
 Israel right there on the other side
Now we really want to make a trip to the Holy Land of Israel.
Notice the boy in the green (WET) shirt.  Self baptism or maybe just a boy being a boy.  Oops! Tension was high but we're all laughing now.
 Up next... a welcomed few days of hanging out at the Dead Sea!

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