Saturday, June 2, 2012

Surprise Surprise!!

For months Ash and I had been planning a surprise visit for Mom's 60th birthday.  Thanks to the most incredible husband and friends the boys were set to go for 8 days while we traveled to Texas! Georgia and I squeezed ourselves into one American Airlines seat for one last time.  She was just days away from turning two so she could fly on my lap.  We prayed for empty flights and thankfully had extra seats next to us after our layover in London.   We landed at DFW and couldn't wait to see our transport!!!  Ash was waiting for us with Anna Lou and Graham in tow.  Not to mention Ash was "FULL" of baby...Boone was just a few weeks away.  
We stopped by Sonic for a very happy, happy hour and then spent the afternoon playing with cousins.  It was such a strange feeling to be at home and Mom have no clue we were there.  
After of course some TexMex we were ready for a slumber party!
The next morning we made a plan to meet Dad before the big surprise. Georgia loves her Papa! She jumped right in his arms! 
We barged in Honey's staff meeting she was having with all of her teachers.  She was surprised to see Dad, then absolutely STUNNED to see him carrying Georgia.  I followed Dad into the room and reality "kind of" set in. She was speechless and then came the tears! Lots of tears...everyone in the room was emotional.    
Hanging out in Honey's office
We snagged Honey away to grab some lunch. 
Watkins Fam! 
After lunch Dad and Mom headed back to work so Georgia and I accompanied Ash to her 37 week doctor's appointment.  Here's Georgia in full jet lag mode.  Delirious!
I even offered to pay the doctor to do something special so Boone would arrive while we were there!
Didn't happen, darn it!
Playing at Honey and Papa's house
Honey with her babies! 
 Later that afternoon we had the sweetest and most awesome visitor!! One of my absolute best friends, Jackie flew from Houston with her precious baby Caleb just to come see us!  She's moving to Africa this summer so we have to squeeze in every second we can get together!!
She came bearing gifts for everyone including something for Georgia's birthday.
That night we indulged in of course more TexMex for a little girls night out with Mom, Ash, Jackie and another BFF who came in town, Jenise!
 The next morning we were all going separate ways.  
Few sleepy-eyed pics!
I really was humbled to have these sweet friends come to see us for less than 24 hours while we were in town. Jackie flew from Houston and Jenise drove all the way from Victoria, TX.  Our trip was even better because I was able to see them!


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