Saturday, May 26, 2012


While we had a fabulous trip and Spring Break.  I missed having some down time to prepare for Easter spiritually with our kids.  It was rushed and I'll do a better job next year making sure we set aside specific time to focus our family before Easter Sunday.  Obviously, the Jesus we follow and love is everywhere and accessible anytime.  I just wished for being home where we could do some fun and impact activities that would give a visual to the kids about the Cross and Easter.  
We left Belgium on Saturday morning and arrived back in Doha that evening.  It was straight to bed because the next day was of course Easter Sunday at school and work.  I'll never get used that.  

After school the boys were thrilled to decorate eggs! 
Such an un-traditional day.  After dying eggs we, the boys ate a little dinner and we snapped a few pictures before our ride arrived.  Our sweet friends the Griders picked us up and we headed to church to meet Nick for the Easter service.
The Easter service at church was awesome for me.  We had a very authentic stripped down no fluff service, as usual for Grace.  It was truly a celebration though.  After a day without any Easter fluff and commercial bunny stuff it was such a good reminder to me of what was really important.  Truth.  Jesus.  And His love for us that is incomprehensible.

After church we rushed home to squeeze in a little indoor egg hunt before bed. 

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