Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Very Important Birthday!

Georgia and I left Dallas on Tuesday afternoon.  We had the absolute best visit and treasured every minute.  Since living in Doha we have been blessed with the opportunity to travel to places in this world I would have never dreamed of BUT there is no vacation or trip like HOME.  For me, there is no better place to feed my soul and fill me up.  We could spend our the rest of our lives and money on the most amazing relaxing vacation but it wouldn't come close to the value I treasure in a trip back to be with my family.  Don't take family for granted whether you live down the street or on the other side of the world.  They are home! Every bit of our jet lag and every hour in the air was worth what we got in return. 

Georgia was only two days away from turning two years old when we landed back in Doha.  So we kicked it gear to celebrate her as well! Afternoon or what some refer to as high tea has become a little tradition for us to do with Georgia.  So on Friday afternoon we went to the brand new St. Regis Hotel for afternoon tea.  Needless to say its not the most perfect atmosphere for kids under 6, especially boys...but we survived and so did the St. Regis. The boys were so excited to celebrate with Georgia!
Birthday Queen
Little bubbly apple juice to make the afternoon really special
They were so accommodating to these little ones.  They so kindly made a place for them to color away from the stemware! 
Enjoying the goodies!
Two monkeys! They love the stuffins out of each other and can also push each others buttons!
After tea we went home to unveil the big birthday present. Mommy brought back a kitchen for Georgia all the way from Texas.  We took it as extra luggage and saved ourselves hundreds of dollars.  Buying it Doha would have tripled the cost, plus it wouldn't have been what we really wanted.
While Daddy and the boys were putting together the kitchen Georgia skyped with her cousins, Anna and Graham to open the present they sent her.  It was a fun kitchen toy!  
The boys were just as excited about the kitchen! 
 Birthday Queen apparently owns the cucina!


angie said...

Cannot believe she's TWO!!! Love this post girl and glad you'll be back home soon:)

Katy said...

wow! how is georgia lou TWO??? crazy talk!

i'm so glad she got herself a kitchen. yes, ma'am. precious angel can start a cookin!!! :)