Saturday, June 16, 2012

G's Birthday Dinner

After mommy got her act together, we decided we must have a special birthday dinner celebration for Georgia.  We were still lacking the cake and candles!  Our Doha family, the Austin and Harris families came over to make it official.  We started off at our compound pool. Nothin' like a little oreo to celebrate!
Sweet girls...Emery, Georgia and Gabi
 Crews and Brooks
 After some pool time we headed home to enjoy the local middle east cuisine and have some Elmo fun with Georgia.  
The mamas and daddies!
Pin the nose on Elmo
 Presents with a sweet homemade card from Emery
 Kitchen goods, new duds and some shades!  Set to go!
 Gabi helping Georgia open her new washer and dryer
Cupcake time! 
 Georgia loved the singing and was happy to clap for everyone when it was all over!
The birthday girl! 


Jan said...

Darling girl!! And those Elmo cupcakes!

Kristin said...

She's so precious!!! ...and has grown up so much!!! I can't wait to hug her sweet neck!