Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last (wonderful) stop in Holland

After doing Amsterdam and getting our Dutch on we were Belgium bound but not before making a really special stop.  Last year I had to let one of my sweet Doha friends leave and follow her husband and his job to Holland.  I guess its appropriate but really I'd rather keep the friends with me and let the husbands go on.  Kelley and I had babies together in Doha which instantly bonds a friendship forever :) Sebastian was born a few days before Georgia 2 years ago.  So, before leaving Holland I jumped on the opportunity to hug Kelley and see their growing family.  The Chapmans were so sweet to come a long.  Plus the Van der Meers were super welcoming by inviting all of into their home. Thank you to both!!  I'm so thankful for the visit! 
Van der Meers and Junods
Its truly like a breath of special fresh air when you see an expat outside of the country you've shared together.  And this visit was extra unique for a few reasons.  First of all Kelley was 2 days over due from delivering precious baby Olivia and I just felt like I had friendship business that was left undone.  I knew our visit would be bittersweet.  One year ago, last May, Kelley and Richard lost their precious little girl Isabelle.  I have yearned to hug and see Kelley ever since.  She and Richard have taken the most awful tragedy I could ever imagine and they've honored Isabelle's life while literally giving life to others. 
I am so proud to know them and call them friends.  Their response to such a devastating loss inspires me. Our visit was short but it was precious time and I'm so thankful it worked out.
I loved these pictures on the wall of their amazing home.  Isabelle is on the left and Sebastian on the right.  
Georgia and Sebastion
Kelley, Me and babies 
Just a few days after we saw the Van Der Meers, little Olivia made her appearance on Easter Sunday! New Life, new beginnings and a new promise for this sweet family!

Kelley and Richard live in the most quaint and adorable little village outside of Amsterdam, called Laren.  Its was amazing and one of our most all time favorite places we've been in Europe!  
They instructed us to eat lunch at this outstanding restaurant.
The usual fries and mayo.  No problemo.
don't knock til ya try the Netherlands!  There's just something about eating fries with mayonaise in Holland and Belgium.  It tastes different!
And after lunch we were told to make our way down through the village to the park where we would have dessert...
Fun along the way
Spring in Laren... at a cute little flower market.
The CUTEST little village EVER!
Finally...dessert! Apparently people come from all over Holland to get some of this...
This takes the cake...the pancake actually. 
I felt like it was straight out of a movie. And so European!
Poffertjes and Wafelens were our only options!  No problem what so ever! 
Poffertjes were little pancakes...
 Butter says it all
Making the waffels
The daddies and kiddos loaded up in this booth. 
The Glory! 
Not a bad way to wrap up our time in Holland! 

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