Friday, May 25, 2012

The Best of Beautiful Bruges!

Our last night night was the most beautiful.  We saw and experienced the most quaint and picturesque spots in Bruges.  It lived up to it reputation and more.  
First of course was eating at a recommended restaurant...all you can eat ribs!  And we did!
And as we began our short walk home we finally experienced why people fall in love with the city of Bruges.  We saw and experiences the most picturesque spot all along our way.  These pictures are pitiful compared to the real thing.  
We look so "beverly hill billies"...worn out with all kinds of bags, coats and raggamuffin kids.  
Proof we were actually there...even if we did look rough. 
Did a little window shopping... 
Those are swans
After a good night of sleep in the castle we were packed up and checking out...headed home but not without roaming around the castle grounds.  With an extra day and warmer temps the kids would have had a blast just playing outside.
Last group picture with our travel buddies!
What was the best part of our trip? 
The Chapmans!!
This is a special friend who I will treasure forever!  Sharing history and expat life has changed us both forever.  Although we live in completely different foreign countries we share the same struggles.  I came back to Doha refreshed and filled up by our conversation and time together!  Thank you sister and thank you Chapmans for great memories.  Can't wait for more!

 Farewell to the castle...


Christine said...

We feel the same way, we loved every second of our time with you guys! What a treasure. Feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?

Katy said...


I have so much to comment on, I am speechless. Seriously, these traveling posts are SO AWESOME. I am insanely jealous of all that you're getting to do and see!! :) Bucket list!! I could comment on every pic!! out of control!!

Georgia and her outfits=precious. The gORGEOUS flowers, the food, the quaintness of it all. I just can't. I can't talk. absolutely AMAZING.

Jennie said...

Isn't Europe just amazing!? Loving you guys got to go to one of my faves..Bruges!