Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More of the Amsterdam

Every evening we had great intentions of waking up early the following morning to take on more of the Netherlands.  Instead we usually enjoyed a lazy morning, let our kids play and soaked up time at the amazing farmhouse.  We finally got ourselves out the door and made our way back to Amsterdam to enjoy more of the scenery but most important was visiting Anne Frank's house. 
Driving into town, once again took some will power and determination.  We were always in search of the perfect parking garage in location to our main objective.  Staying together was important too because we didn't have dependable cell service and it just got too complicated when we were separated.  After parking we made our way in the direction to the Anne Frank house but not without a few pit stops.
Score!  It was free cone day in Amsterdam! Wassup! 
Waiting to go in the Anne Frank House/Museum.
Serious waiting calls for serious plans! 
Not sure what but Georgia was in charge...
Cameras weren't allowed inside.  The museum was fascinating and made her sacrifice and horror of life a lot more real.  We skipped a few details when telling the kids :) 
Typical Amsterdam scenery. 
We came very close to the Red Light District but decided even just peeking around didn't do anyone any good...and we had our kids! Uh NO!
Better than the redlight and drink!  We spent the rest of our afternoon enjoying a snack and drink on one of the canals.  The weather was gorgeous and our kids behaved.  Pretty miraculous! This was another Rick Steves rec...the kitchen was actually closed but we enjoyed delish ham and cheese toasties!  
  Street music on a sunny afternoon on a canal in Amsterdam...memorable.

We ended our afternoon at this playground that we had to tear the kids off of.  
Location, location, location

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Jennie said...

One of my favorite cities! And it looks like it was even a bit sunny for you, amazing! So happy you got to see so much :)