Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Not to Wear

A few weeks ago our church hosted their first big women's retreat.  The location was still Doha but it was an awesome weekend full of funny moments, fellowship and spiritual food.  The theme was "What Not to Wear, God's Edition".  I've enjoyed being apart of the women's ministry board which had me in on the planning a bit. 

Friday night was a fun night.  The dress code was "tacky" and the evening was low key with a speaker who gave us insight for what to wear with different body types.  Very informative and very funny when it came down to tacky outfits. 

That might be me in the wife beater, mini skirt and boots.  I decided last minute I would go as Texas Tacky.  Easy enough.  Wow...who knew it would be such a hit.  I carried a clear backpack with a few necessities, sippy cup, hairspray, lipstick an empty brown bottle if you know what I mean.  I'm sure my poor Mimi could hardly stand the thought of me at a church event dressed like so and with adult beverage in my bag. We Texas girls know how to trash it up and I was a sight for sore eyes with this international crowd who have never had a little taste of tacky Texas.  Not to mention my attire was way outside my usual get-up and what is appropriate to wear here in the conservative middle east.  Don't worry I was covered as I jumped in and out of my car.
Texas hoochie and her friends

 One last tacky prop was my beat up car.  Just an extra touch to my outfit.  I had a little bump a few days prior to the tacky night.

Just after dropping a few of my friends off I was headed home about 10:30 and re-routed because of Doha construction.  For some reason I opted to take a stupid route that involved paying a toll.  Earlier in the week I had accidentally drained our Doha bank account buying lots of retreat tickets for friends.  By the end of the week my cash was gone and I found my tacky-self driving through the night air in Doha in desperate search cash and an ATM.  Unfortunately we don't have drive thru ATM machines in Doha so I found myself standing at multiple machines in the middle of conservative traditional middle eastern culture. Finally it occurred to me that I should use my bank back in the States where there was cash. Hello!! And all 3 riyal (about a dollar). Lets just say, the kind guy at the toll booth must have though I "worked" for my cash.  He looked in shock when I finally returned and got out of my car with his money.  What a night...
The next morning we were back bright and early at the hotel for an incredible day packed with goodness from and incredible Bible teacher, Karen Albright.  Karen and her husband Jim are from Arkansas but have lived in Milan for a number of years pastoring a church there.  Incredible people.
Karen, Me and Dede
Few of my other favorite Doha peeps
Incredible worship led by sweet friend Esther
Throughout the day there were awesome breakout sessions 
This is one of my favorite Doha mamas, Sherry.  She lead a session on photography
Fitness workshop
Prayer workshop
One of the gifts each of us received for coming was a scarf/pashmina ,
which we learned to wear fashionably.
My funny friend, neighbor and Bible study teacher, Gena who loves the mic!  She is the Women's Ministry director at our church.  So thankful she shares the gifts God's given her with all of us!


shannonmichaelis said...

Hoochie momma - we have to chat about this! You look....horrible! Goal completed! I will be in on the road tomorrow and Sunday so would love to catch you bright and early my time. Miss you!!!

We wear short skirts...

Jackie said...

I love it!!! Miss you and Grace Fellowship! Wish I could have been there with y'all! Too funny picturing you going to every ATM in town dressed in your mini skirt!!! Love it!!!!