Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brussels, oh the indulgences!

We left Doha around midnight...can't even remember exactly but we were off to enjoy a European Spring Break outside of the desert.  When school lets out in Doha it usually means a mass exodus and its not usual have red-eye flights to get out of this crazy country.  So naturally we ran into some of our best buddies who were heading the other direction to Thailand.  Ready to go in our PJs.
Barrett, Cres, Brooks, Georgia and Emery
We arrived in Brussels, rented a car and drove to our hotel.  I usually pick hotels that are local and give us some sense of the culture.  While it was a tiny room for the 5 of us, it worked just fine. We scored...we had our own bathroom and the hotel had a "lift" (elevator to Americans).  Both not always present.  We loved it and the location was awesome. 
After we got settled it was time to explore and eat of course! Belgium is known for famous tasty things.  First up...Belguim made a beer drinker out of me.  I know...What?  That's right cherry beer.  Delicious and like nothing else! 
We ordered nachos because that was all they offered mid afternoon.  Are we stupid...we're in Brussels ordering Nachos.  You can tell from the picture...they were NOT nachos.  
We ditched the nachos and started walking...
Oh mercy, our first sighting of the glorious Belgium waffle.  There are no words!
 Again, there are no words...this is not like any other waffle you've ever put in your mouth. There's little pieces of sugary greatness in these heavenly indulgences. They are made right there in front of you and topped with ridiculous stuff like white chocolate and more!
   Well I guess we'll sight-see for a few minutes and tear ourselves away from the food but not for long. 
The famous, one and only Grand Place!
Back to what's really important...more food.  Our dinner spot, famously known for the Brussels mussels! Mussels are the specialty and delicacy in this city.  This restaurant is directly on Grand Place.  We walked down into a basement.  Very cool atmosphere and it tolerated our chillins pretty good. 
Nick chowed down on an entire kilo of mussels!  Cooked in white wine and garlic :)  I was a big girl and tried them. Tasty but not my texture of choice. 
A precious little Asian lady came over to our table in awe of our kids, who were really acting like monkeys.  She gave them these cute origami lips!

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So fun!!! :) beautiful architecture!!