Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Birthdays

After we celebrated Barrett's Birthday we were on to our special teachers.  One of the most treasured gifts we've been blessed by in Doha is our experience and privilege to send the boys to the American School.  While it may have an American curriculum its truly an international school and from what I understand the faculty and staff are among the best when compared to other international schools. 
Its been easy to be a homeroom mom for great teachers. They have loved the dog out of our boys and I couldn't be more thankful.  Both of our teachers had birthdays with in a week and we celebrated with them. 
First up was Brooks' teacher, Mrs. Heney.  Her husband is one of the elementary school principals and they're both so gifted with the early elementary kids.  
A few years ago my mom, who is the director of the best preschool in north Dallas :) received the coolest birthday present.  I decided to do it for our teachers and it was a huge hit.  Highly recommend it to any else in the homeroom mom boat!

I bought a beautiful vase as her gift from the class and then contacted all the parents asking each student to pick out and bring a single stem flower on the day of her birthday. 

Kindergarten Masterpiece for Mrs. Heney
She loved the gift and appreciated the teamwork and specific flower given by each of her kids. The next day she had them all paint their own picture of the arrangement.
Of course we also celebrated with cupcakes. 
A few days later we were on to Barrett's teacher, Mrs. Chaplin who has been in our lives for 2 years.  Brooks was in her class last year.  Since we've had 2 years of her goodness I really wanted to treat her to a birthday lunch with the rest of her PreK team.  My dear friend and the other homeroom mom,  Afton helped me host a little lunch after school for them.  I made Pioneer Woman's chicken enchiladas, plus some texmex sides...they were a huge hit and a first for a lot of these ladies.  God bless the soul who doesn't know enchiladas! They now know!
The two little students coloring patiently while we served lunch. 
Incredible carrot cake that Afton made
Mrs. Milette (asst teacher), me, Mrs. Chaplin, Afton 
and the boys
Then on Sunday we celebrate with all of her students with the same flower idea. 
It was again a huge hit. The kids loved giving each of their flowers to her and Mrs. Chaplin was overwhelmed with emotion.  Such a sweet moment.

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