Saturday, April 21, 2012

Barrett's Party

Whew...back to bloggin!  Lots to share and keep good record of.  Gotta rewind and start back with a birthday party we had for our Barrett.  

He wanted a bowling it was!  
Birthday Barrett!
Glow in the dark/Blacklight bowling...
Barrett invited the boys from his class at school plus a few other buddies we love.
Emery, the big score girl! 
Bear's BFF, Cres
Mrs. Gena (Aunt Gena) brought Georgia to the party a little later. Thank you very much!!
Two of my dear friends, Kim and Tracy
Not prepared to see either of them move in just a few months! Booo!
Worked up a MickeyD's appetite after bowling.
He's really as sweet as that cupcake!  I'm trying to soak it up and always be prayerful about protecting his little spirit.  He's not perfection and of course we have our daily battles but God gave me an incredible gift through this little dude.  He's got something special that I could never teach him.
 He requested rainbow cake...and so it was!
Sister taste testing.
This bowling alley is the middle of a huge amusement park inside a huge mall. Wassup Doha!
Can you see Barrett and one of his best friends from school Abdul Qadir?
 Happy 5th Birthday Party!

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Caryn said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE sitting down to a slew of new posts from you!!!! Of course I love that Barrett and Wyattt remain somewhat in sync with the bowling parties. :) But Doha kicked Waco's booty with the venue - WOW! Looked awesome. and I LOVED me some texas trashy Wendi. Hilarious. Miss you friend.