Monday, April 23, 2012

Bus Ridin' Boys

Now I understand that I might be in the minority on this issue but in a perfect world, I would like to drive my kids to and from school, for a variety of reasons.   Lately my heart has dramatically changed and the bus stands a healthy reminder of what makes our home happy!  We moved to a new compound about a year ago which made our morning drive pretty brutal.  School starts at 8 and we needed to leave before 7:15.  As the year has gone on mornings progressively got more stressful.  And now I believe, just like I've heard for all the years of living in Doha...our kids are actually safer on the buses than in our cars.  Safer from other cars and safer from their mothers who want to beat the tar out of them for bickering the entire time we're driving to school. 

I had a little secret trip to Dallas brewing and would be leaving the boys behind so I had even more incentive to get their little tails on the bus asap.  

I am happy to say it has been a wonderful blessing to our whole family.   The bus system for ASD is stellar. Our buses pick up and drop off at the compound clubhouse every day.  They have very experienced drivers, plus a bus monitor on every bus.  Kids have assigned seats and seat belts.  Young kids in the front, big ones in the back.  There are a total of 4 buses that take kids directly from our compound straight to school. I'm thankful for a few seniors and other trustworthy girls to keep an eye on things as well.  Both boys seem to thrive when given a slight bit of responsibility.  For the most part it was a big boost to inherit this privilege. 

...the honeymoon stage is fading a little as we speak.  But we're stickin' to it.  The boys and I both like for me to pick them up in the afternoons.  We get a little down time in the car to talk about the day and the traffic isn't as bad.  The blessing of the bus has been wonderful and a less stressful mommy makes for a happy house!

Could have cried like a baby with that feeling of letting go of control...
I decided to enjoy the quiet morning in my house.  I need to step up the responsibility as much as the boys do I guess.  I know one day I'll look back and wish I was simply putting the boys on the bus instead of sending them out with a girl or off to college.  I guess the feeling in your gut never changes, I just pray I get better about letting go and knowing God can care for them far better than I can. 
Barrett's school day ends at 12:30.  The bus brings him and few other PreK students home and drops each one of them off at the door with their parent.  Pretty sweet system. 

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