Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bear Turns THREE!

First things first...a birthday call from Honey and Papa who stayed up late to catch us fresh out of bed (obviously) and before school!

Birthday breakfast of choice...pancakes!

Birthday Hugs! Brooks was Barrett's biggest fan all day.

Look who's THREE!
On our way to school.

I arrived a little early to share birthday treats with B's class so instead of staying for lunch, we had a quick birthday lunch date at McDonalds and then went back to school to celebrate with Barrett's class.

Birthday decor courtesy of Barrett's teachers.

"3" cookies we took to share

Birthday boy with his class.

We didn't have an official birthday party for Barrett. A few days before the 2nd we asked Barrett's favorite little friends in Doha (and their families) to join us for his birthday dinner. Where?? FUDDRUCKERS of course!

There are a few American restaurants in Doha that have big indoor playrooms like this. Its strange but AWESOME! Perfect for our little ones.

Kirsty and Isaac

Cooper, Calum, Brooks and Brady

Karen and Martha

Kirsty, Jacob, B, Coop

Macie, Bear and Martha

Bodie, Brady and Brennan (the other Bees)

Amy and Jackie

Mark and Bruce with their boys

Cake time

Simply can't believe it.

Very serious while listening to everyone singing


Barrett is so enthusiastic about a lot of things...especially presents. With every present he responded with such emotion and excitement..."wow, cool, great, etc"

Family present time

What a special day with the baby boy in our house. He enjoyed it so much and loved celebrating. He's such a little squirt with so much personality. Its always amazing to me how God made our boys in such creative ways. Brooks and Barrett are so different and no matter the birthday or activity, they are all so unique and personal simply because they are each so special. This birthday was fun for us to watch because Barrett completely understood everything and was full of joy, plus Brooks was so encouraging and supportive. You never know and I was a wondering how it would be for Barrett to get all the attention.

Big hugs from the birthday boy for Georgia. Our babies are growing!! Bear turned 3 and Georgia got a growing report at our doctor's appointment. They estimate her current weight around 4.8 lbs (little bigger than average at this point). My doctor is planning to induce on April 15th, which happens to be Honey's birthday. How bout that? That's about 10 days early. Both boys arrived 2 weeks (or more) before their due dates so we're planning on the same based on size and progress. I'm interested in induction because of past experiences and simply for planning purposes. Yeah right!! I'd LOVE for my mom to be here and it would be great to make plans for the boys ahead of time. BUT...the boys didn't come on "our" agenda what-s0-ever, which has reminded me to pray often, keep an open mind and be flexible. I have a feeling Georgia might come early on her own but that's for the Lord to decide.


Caryn said...

WHat a fun birthday. He looks SO happy and precious in every single picture! So glad it was an fun day for the whole family. I can not believe your baby boy is THREE!! THat means my baby bot is about to be THREE Yikes!

Christine said...

love the pictures! barrett is just precious. he looks like a complete joy! and you look amazing. i can not believe how close you are to having baby #3. i will be praying for you! 3 is awesome. :)

Sybil K said...

Your boys are precious. I know your family back home tremendously appreciates the time you take to post all those wonderful pictures. My boys, like yours, seemed to be from different planets, which made life even more interesting. God is great :D

Lindsey said...

What a fun celebration!! Barrett is just the cutest thing ever! :)

I can't believe you are so close to having your baby girl. What an exciting time. I can't wait to see her.

Ashley Hall said...

What a perfect birthday for little Bear! The expressions are precious! He really is looking older lately! And the best pic of all is the one of you, Bear and Georgia! Beautiful, seriously!

shannonmichaelis said...

So serious during the birthday song! Love the fun packed day that boy had - maybe if I had half of all that then birthdays wouldn't such a bore these days. Happy Birthday Bear! And let me say how this Doha pregnancy is looking your best this go around. Something in the water over there.....

Jennifer said...

Yay...I can finally leave a comment :) Love the birthday boy! He is growing so fast. I'm sure you're soaking it all up during these last few months before Miss G arrives. Glad y'all had such a great time celebrating!

Shannon said...

What a perfect birthday that boy had! I was so impressed with the decorations his teachers did. That is so neat! I also loved the sweet, serious look on his face during his song. Those boys are just so handsome WEW! You look as beautiful as ever and Miss Georgia is growing and growing! Love her already! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I love your belly!!! You look gorgeous! Cute Barrett...can't believe he's 3! Love the pictures, as always!!!