Friday, March 19, 2010

Jenise Wrap-Up

My sweet friends in Doha offered to have a shower for me and Georgia a while ago and then when they heard Jenise was coming, they planned it around her visit. I was so thankful to have my home-girl there. My Doha friends are honestly like family but it was really special having Jenise. More pics and a new shower post coming soon.

Our last night with Jenise was spent at Villagio Mall. Its a beautiful mall but we don't usually go to the malls on the weekends. They are packed and its crazy. Instead we actually thought it might give Jenise a good dose of culture before she headed home :) We ate at Macaroni Grill and did a little souvenir shopping for her boys. Camels of course.

This portion of the mall has an entire separate wing dedicated to the high-end exclusive shoppers. Not my usual stompin' grounds especially with a stroller :) but its a must see for visitors. They literally have a huge red carpet outside the valet entrance. Special people here ;)

VIP Restrooms...Jenise thought these signs were funny...I've never noticed. Just makes people feel more important I'm sure. Whatever floats your boat...

On our way out of the mall we saw a big Baylor Bear...Jeremy Wariner. How cool that his huge picture is in Doha!!! He's obviously an international athlete (gold medalist in Athens) but we take pride in his BU roots!

Jenise pictured below in her snuggie as she would be on the airplane! Pretty awesome idea for the plane. Poor Jenise flew out of Doha at 2am. She made it home safe and sound, snuggie and all!

I'll never forget the fun memories made with a best friend last week! What a blessing and boost for my spirit. Love you Jenise and again thanks to your family for sharing you!


angie said...

Wow VIP fancy:-). It really looks like y'all had a great visit. There's nothing like bestie girlfriends!

shannonmichaelis said...

Love the dresses. And the snuggie - what a great idea for a plane ride!

Shannon said...

I do have to say...Jenise looks beautiful in the picture with the snuggie! The picture of you two at the beginning dressed up is great! Stunning mommies!