Monday, March 22, 2010

Singing Dunes Spring '10

This was our first trip to the Singing Dunes for 2010...we've been plenty of other times and we'll be back lots more. We truly live in the World's Biggest Sand Box. I honestly can't believe that playing in sand never gets old for our boys or any other kids. A few of our close friends in Doha that are newbies hadn't been to the Singing Dunes so we planned an afternoon of it. The sand is very unique. It actually makes a humming sounds as it the grains rub and slide against each other. So as you come down the dunes you can hear the "singing". Pretty amazing but to "come down" means you've worked really hard to "go up". The pictures can't truly show how steep the dunes are or how deep you sink into the sand when trying to climb. Let's just say I've done it a couple times and I think I'm good to go.

Dede and Jennie (the newbies) half-way up the dune...feelin' the burn but determined!

Brooks on his way up. He went to the top 2 problem. Must be nice to weigh 35 lbs.

Lots of Bees...Brady, Brennan, Brooks and Barrett

More bees (for heaven's sake)...Baker and Brody!

I always think the idea of going to the Singing Dunes is funny because once you've done it...there's nothing more to it. We just drive out to the desert and circle up to stare at the huge dunes. We do make the most of it with food and fellowship...its just a strange concept when you're from Texas...or anywhere really.

Bear just hanging out with his Gatorade! Took him a while to get into that chair which was pretty hilarious.

US military plane flew overhead.

Nick doing his own dune bashing. He was determined to take his FJ up and over. This was the warm-up.

This is getting stuck the first time.

But eventually he made it down and picked up a few kids. NOT OUR'S!

Trying again but the sand is too soft...

Brian (Nick's boss) and Nick contemplating what to do about the problem. They're stuck!

Eric and Steve took off to help...

but no need... They made it.
There was no chance Nick was going to leave that afternoon having not fully accomplishing his goal.

And he's obviously proud of it!

Prepping for grazing and grilling...
Dede, Sue, me and Jennie

Nick, Jerry, Malcom, Eric, Karen

Me, Amy, Melissa, Biny, Jennie

Little cricket to pass the time while waiting on the fire.

Me and my Bear.

I know this is a bit much but the red potty in this picture is what makes it funny. I bought this extra potty to have on hand for downstairs or in the car. It looks like a hungry hippo (lid included) and it works like a charm. Here's Barrett looking at the stars and taking his time...if you know what I mean. He was so proud of himself.

Campfire time...

Thank you Dede for letting me snag a few of your pictures.


Caryn said...

Ooooo love the new blog layout!

That picture of you and Bear is too sweet. I can't believe your baby isn't going to be your baby in a few weeks!!!

And the potty pic - so funny I mean if you can't take care of business in the Dunes where can you! Way to rock the potty training B!

Shannon said...

The potty picture is for sure my favorite! That is just so precious and absolutely rehearsal dinner worthy! I just love all of your adventures. Sort of makes me jealous that I am living such a dull life here in Allen, TX! Love you!

The Wilsons said...

I had that same thought Shannon. What a life! I'm so glad you all are making the most of your time there. What memories! I love all the potty training info. We started with Luke but have stalled out. Keep the adventures coming!

Katy said...

um the hungry hippo potty is hysterical! y'all are just havin so much fun. love it! :)

shannonmichaelis said...

At least he didn't have to go behind a dune like some of the rest of us. That photo is priceless. And look at those adventuresome friends along for the ride. Love ALL the Bees!