Sunday, March 21, 2010


This last week has been a BIG one at our house for both of the Bees!
Last weekend Brooks told us he wanted to "take his training wheels off so he could ride his bike on 2 wheels". So Daddy and Brooks got to work...

Daddy held the bike so he could take off and that he did...never fell just got after it. He sure was ready! He's yet to have a bad fall. BUT he rides like a mad-man! I'm so glad we live on a cul-de-sac.

He refers to the training wheels as his "trophies".

And Barrett mastered the art of potty training last week. Ahhh!! Literally its been a gift from Heaven!! I wanted to give it a try before Georgia arrived but I was more than willing to go back to diapers if he didn't catch on or seem interested. He actually didn't show any signs of interest verbally so I started off with a bad attitude.
TMI for most but just for my record...The first day was challenging, of course. Barrett spent most of the day watching TV while I watched and forced him to sit on the potty. We had a little success but it was rough. The next day was completely different...I took a more laid back approach without forcing and ta-da...DONE! He stayed home a total of 2 days and then went back to school. Day one back at school wasn't completely successful, again because they were forcing him to the bathroom. BUT the next day they left him alone to go on his own, plus rewarded him with stickers and ta-da...again! He has been accident free since 5 days now. I've never been more thankful! He doesn't need a diaper during nap and wakes up dry most mornings. Obviously every child/boy is different. I can confidently say he's potty trained and it wasn't anything I did! I definitely think waiting for him to turn 3 had a lot to do with it, plus Brooks' encouragement BUT mostly divine intervention :) Thank you Lord!

Doha has the funniest undies for boys. They're all bikini...not Nick's favorite to see on his boys :) But because Bear is a little bit of a squirt for his age they look a little baggy. Needless to say the cheap little screened on Spiderman still does the trick for this boy. He loves em!

Little blue biscuits! The End!


shannonmichaelis said...

So Justin is always talking about biscuits thanks to the Bees. Love that Barrett is donesky with the diapers! Go Bear! And Brooks with no training wheels - I can still remember the day I rode without them for the first time. He will always remember Doha as the place he started riding like a big boy!

Shannon said...

AMAZING week for the Junod family! I love the undies and and am SO SUPER proud of that little man. And seriously, Brooks riding without training wheels? Landon didn't conquer that until kindergarten....and we are still waiting on Reagan wanting to even try! So - big up to the big guy! Love you!

Katy said...

Wow! Your little boys are just moving right along! I mean, way to pave the way for Miss Georgia's arrival and make things easy for Mama!! love it.

And I am cracking up at the bikini style undies. hilarious.

i remember that i didn't learn to ride a bike until josh did. wonder if that's how AM will be? she doesn't even have a bike! :)

angie said...

Nice work Bees!