Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The North Pole

On Thursday afternoon we left for Colorado Springs to visit family. The highlight of the trip for the boys was a visit to the North Pole, which is incredible. They were the perfect age. Its basically a small Christmas amusement park where of course Santa is as well as all kinds of rides and entertainment. The North Pole is at the base of Pikes Peak and Grandpa took the whole family for a fun day in the cold. The boys are still talking about it.

On our way...Pikes Peak from the car

The Ledbetter Crew...on our way in to visit Santa

Aunt Amanda, Brooks and Annabelle riding the gondola

Grandma, Barrett and Grandpa

Daddy was screaming more than Brooks..

The rides were so cute...this was a big Christmas Tree. Daddy and Brooks were one of the ornaments.

Reindeer Carousel Ride...Annabelle found a reindeer named Annabel

Riding the Train

The North Pole was also complete with Santa's workshops, of course. They were full of everything girls and boys could dream of.
Girls' Workshop

Boys' Workshop

Last and final ride for Brooks...still can't believe he rode this. He loved it. Poor boy has the most sensitive tummy to stress/change/food/etc... but no problem with roller coaster rides.


Katy said...

that is the coolest place! how fun for your boys!

Caryn said...

I've been looking forward to your posts from your time here!!

How fun.

I LOVE Santa's workshops - precious.

shannonmichaelis said...

How fun is that place! Wish it was closer for us to go and visit! I cannot believe that Brooks did a roller coaster. Need to take him to Six Flags when you are back in town. :-)

Sharon said...

Wow! That is super neat! I just want to know how you felt looking around at all that GIRLY stuff! :) Did you even know what to look at?!?! Get ready...Princess Georgia is going to be a miss priss (I pray!) for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love the North Pole! We used to go to our family friend's cabin outside of Colorado Springs every summer growing up and visiting the North Pole was always a treat, so glad y'all enjoyed it too!