Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Houston Visit Pre-Christmas

After spending a few days in Dallas with Honey and Papa we headed southbound I-45 to Houston. Nick flew to the States but worked in Bartlesville, OK and also in Houston. We weren't able to see him much but at least we were all on this side of the world. We drove into town and immediately met Tatty (Nick's mom) for lunch Chick-Fil-A. Throughout our U.S. stay I think we collected at least 14 Bernstein Bears books (the kids meal toy from Chick A-Lay). We were frequent customers while home.

The boys loved Tatty's BMW turned Rudolph...

We were able to spend a few nights with our best buddies the Michaelis crew. Thanks to Shannon and Derek for hosting the boys and me. You all were more than welcoming and the short time we were able to spend with you was wonderful!!
The Bees and Justin at Memorial City Mall

We were invited to a few Christmas parties while in town. It was a treat to see some old friends.
Kim, Me, Shannon, Jenn and Katie...faithful friends of mine in Houston

These particular girls are new friends of mine via Facebook. The internet can be used as as much as a blessing as it is a curse in my life. I met Amy Martin (right) at church before moving away from Houston but we've stayed in touch. She and I have SO many mutual friends that she grew up in Katy with but that I was friends with at Baylor. Meredith Caver (left) and I met at this party. She now lives in Houston but shortly after I moved we were set up on Facebook. She and I share mutual expat friends. Meredith has lived all over the world following her husbands job with ExxonMobile. A few of my friends here in Doha were once her expat companions across the world in Korea, London and Canada. It was a awesome to connect with her and share expat experiences,

Jenn, the hostess and me....sweet sweet friend!!

The next day we were invited to a PJ party at my sweet friend Tracy's house. It was fun for the Bees to see some of their old friends.
The Girls

The Boys

While Brooks and Barrett loved this Jeep that morning, they had no idea Santa and his elves were hard at work constructing it at the North Pole. The battery was dead that day but these kids didn't care. Big strong boys can make anything fun.

Tracy was incredible host. I'm sorry I don't have pics of the details and energy she put in for us to have a fun morning together. The kids made hand mold ornaments, she gave all the mommies a little gift and she cooked up a storm. We made these adorable William Sonoma pancakes. They were quickly destroyed and gobbled up.

The kids decorated cookies and also exchanged $5 dollar gifts. Everything was a hit!

When Nick was in Houston working, he was able to spend his evenings with his grandparents. Boppa is still in the hospital but recovering very well. Nick spent time with him and spent the night with Nana at her house. The boys weren't old enough to visit Boppa but we met Nana, Tatty and Aunt Monica for dinner one evening.

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angie said...

I am so glad you got to eat Chick-fil-A!:-) I hope you were filled with love this Christmas and I know how exhausted you must be from all your visits and excursions with little Georgia in tow! Have a wonderful, restful week.