Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Day and Krause Christmas

Santa's loot for the Bees and Annabelle

Santa left a note b/c he wasn't able to leave all the toys inside...

Hello JEEP!

Barrett is in tears b/c he's not driving...

Barrett's turn to drive wreckless!

More presents...

Brooks and Bear gave Daddy a new hat to take back to Doha.

Whoohoo for Hotwheels!

We should know by now, that if it involves cars and a track...its a winner!!
Thank you Tatty!

We're locked and loaded for the Broncos! We've got a entire new wardrobe.

Playing MouseTrap

Princess Annabelle!

Jake and Brooks staying warm by the heater on the patio.

Helping Tatty play Christmas carols.

The Feast...unbelievable!

The Christmas Krause Family get-together...wasn't the same without Boppa and Aunt Barb who were at the hospital.
Kathryn, Uncle Reg, Aunt Nancy

Ian and his sweet sweet girlfriend Leslie
(side note: Leslie is grand daughter of "THE Marvin Zindler" from Houston's ABC's local news)

Aunt Amanda, Annabelle and Aunt Karma

Destruction to Tatty's office turned toy room

Jessie, Leslie, Ian and Kat

Uncle George and Nana

The traditional family singing around the piano

Nana, Tatty, Aunt Nancy, Ronnie and Uncle Bill

One last late night drive...

One last snuggle with Annabelle watching Polar Express A.G.A.I.N.


shannonmichaelis said...

So many things make me laugh on this, from the letter to Santa with the mention on Jesus to Barrett wanting to drive to imagining Nick wearing a cowboy hat amongst the Land Cruisers in Doha. Such a fun Christmas! And I still love me some Mouse Trap!

Sharon Dixon said...

Hey Wendi,

This is Sharon (Bliss)Dixon from highschool. I guess I should tell you that I read your blog regularly because you are a witness to me about serving the Lord wherever you are at! Anyways, my hubby made me respond to your blog tonight because of the pic of Marvin Zindlers grandaughter. We live in galveston county and he was born and raised here and talks about Marvin Zindler quite often. He is making me ask if she has ever found slime in the ice machine.

Anyways, take care and thank you for the encouragement!!