Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dallas Wrap Up with New Years and Birthday!

We doubled up on celebrating New Years and Nick's birthday the same evening. Poor Nick gets totally ripped off by having a birthday a few days around Christmas. We tried but it was still pretty lame! Honey and Papa graciously took all 4 kids so the Halls and Junods could grab some tex-mex. While we were gone Papa took the 3 oldest to Chick Fil A and Honey stayed home with Graham and a major water leak in their kitchen (basically flooded the kitchen) but we still returned home to all babies clean and in their jommies ready for bed.
(i got a new flash for my camera for christmas and obviously i'm having some pics are pretty inconsistent in terms of light, focus, etc.)

We celebrated Nick's birthday with some incredible cupcakes from a cute little cupcake bakery on the Frisco square. Red Velvet of course for the birthday boy!

Paws on the cakes...

The unveiling...our wrapping job was done with a blanket. The boys and I gave Nick a Baylor Tailgate tent. We don't do a lot of tailgating here in Doha but we do frequent the beach and the dunes where this tent will come in very handy.

Anna Lou and Bear gettin' some ice cream and cake.

This was one of the fun indoor recreational activities this Christmas.
Barrett in the wind-up...

Brooks in the release...serious laughs. You should try it.

New Years day we spent the afternoon with our extended Watkins crew.
Aunt Jan, Honey, Aunt Margaret, Chafen and Ash

Our immediate fam.

Dr. Watkins and a couple of his favorite patients.
He's so good he has patients that travel all the way from Doha to see him.

Dad got this ever-so-sassy denim jean pocket purse in our white elephant exchange.

3rd cousins had a book exchange

Dave and Graham

This is Julie's youngest, sweet Ashley who just mastered her walking skills!

Girl cousins
Louisa (bride-to-be), Chafen (due in July with baby #1), Celia (having boy #3 on March 1st),
Julie, Wendi, Ashley...we missed you Meg!!

(missing a few but we'll ALL be together this May...yay!)

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