Friday, January 15, 2010

Back at the Beach

This post is picture heavy but it was fun afternoon with friends and our puppies! First beach trip of 2010. Our sweet doggies, Baker and Brody don't get out much and never get to go home to Texas! They got plenty of rawhide bones when we returned after Christmas but we decided that they needed a little fun of their own. So we loaded up with Jackie and Mark, plus the boys and dogs and headed to the beach.

First surprise off the long drive north to the beach was this...2 random men on horseback in the middle of the road. Are we back in Texas?

Second surprise to our afternoon was this...natural green grass, growing on its own! Amazing! It kinda does looks like Texas.

Third surprise to our beach outing was this...TENTS!

The beach was covered in after another. The last time we were here the beach was wonderfully vacant. We had the entire place to ourselves. Apparently Qataris consider this their little vacation home. They are all set up with generators and water tanks for a long winter stay. They come and go from the city as they please and just leave their little camp set up for months. Each camp is registered and has a special place designated on the beach. I can't figure out why you would want to live in that much sand day after day. Plus its too chilly. We wore shorts but by the time we left we were wishing for sweatshirts.

After driving up and down the beach, we finally found a small area and squeezed close to the water for a few hours so the dogs could play.
Barley, Baker and Brody

Little beach model, Jacob.


Baker can't get enough...he's so happy he's rollin'

Brooks, decided not to get thanks!
Warm enough for the beach but not the water.

Isaac eatin' some sand

Isaac's sweet little piggies

Happy Baker

Brody just soakin' it in...




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Anonymous said...

So fun!!! I love the pictures of the doggies... they were in HEAVEN!!! Miss you guys!