Sunday, December 6, 2009

Singing Sand Dunes

Last week we had an extra day free with nothing to do while Nick was home, so we went with some of our friends (30) to the Singing Sand Dunes. With a little pressure the sand actually hums and/or sings when the grains rub against each other. Its pretty amazing. Since the weather has cooled off a little its a great place to go and play.

We drove up and the kids took off...they look like ants. The dunes are huge!

Biggest sandbox EVER!

Who's that fine looking man up there at the top?

My sandboarder!

He made falling!

One of my dearest friends, Amy and 2 of her boys...Brennan and Brady.

Out in the middle of the desert with the dunes at sunset. One of the times I actually love the scenery!

Brady and Brooks tailgating

Nick the fire man. We always take food to grill and then turn our homemade grill into a campfire.

Making smores!

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shannonmichaelis said...

frightening skateboarding down the dunes!!!!