Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BassPro Shop = Boys' Paradise!

We've always known that BassPro was heaven on earth for Daddy and Papa but on Sunday it was an absolute blast for the boys. We could have stayed for hours and hours at the "Fish Store". The store has set up lots of extra fun stuff to do and see for Christmas so we took full advantage. I have a feeling we might be back before heading to Doha.



Remote controlled race cars



BOATS, BOATS and more BOATS (Brooks' favorite)

All smiles...this is what Brooks wants from Santa.

Reindeer Carousel


Old St. tears, no smiles. I considered it success for the most part. Next year we'll shoot for smiles! (Brooks cracked a smile for the photographer but not for long)

Papa and Brooks bought a "party favor"

This wasn't a Christmas gift, just a special BB gun to stay at Papa's house.

What a fun afternoon...we highly reccomend this fun place for kids, especially boys. It was a lot of fun for Papa and the Bees. We really missed our Daddy!


Caryn said...

So fun! We went to the one on Garland and did not have a carousel! Seriously why don't we have more play dates at Bass Pro it is full of entertainment.

Um, those shirts are DARLING!!!! LOVE anything personalized but the tree in a truck is just perfection. LOVE those!!

Jennifer McWilliams said...

We took Jake there in August and he LOVED it! It's on our "list" of things to do in the next couple weeks and we can't wait! :) Where did you end up buying those shirts... i thought they were sold out on that website?!? So cute!
Have fun in the snow!

Lindsey said...

I was just in BassPro the other day and thought this would be a great place to bring kids!