Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eid Night Away

Last week was a National/Muslim holiday, Eid so Nick had 3 days off work connected to a weekend. We took full advantage of hanging out with Daddy and also taking some time by ourselves. While we enjoyed a night away at the Four Seasons some of our best friends, Jackie and Mark had the Bees.
Four Seasons

After dropping our bags at the hotel we went to see a movie. First time ever in Doha. We've both been, just not together. Seeing movies is tricky here. There's no accurate listing anywhere on the internet or in the paper. You just have to walk up and hope to catch something...or hope they don't cancel what you were thinking you might see. Doha!
View from our room

We had a rooftop dinner at one of our favorites spots..29. Then went back to the hotel and actually watched a little of the OU/OSU live football game. Nothing felt like Doha that night :)

The next day we had an incredible childfree day: slept late, breakfast without any interruption, massage at the spa, nap, lunch on the beach, laid in the sun, and finished all of our conversations. What could be better? We had a great 24 hours and much need time with each other. After we wrapped up our afternoon at the hotel we went to pick up the boys.

In return for the favor we swapped plans. We took Jackie and Mark's boys to our house and they went to the Four Seasons for a night away. So we brought home a car full of brothers...Brooks (4), Barrett (2 1/2), Jacob (2) and Isaac (1).


Playtime with GeoTrax

PJ time...there must have been something really great on TV

Picnic the next day on the Cornich (bay)

Lots of playing

Time-out anyone?

We wondered what people might be thinking about us...4 boys under 4 and another on the way...YIKES!

Thanks so much J&M for your friendship and help with the boys! Love you all!


shannonmichaelis said...

basically you looked like the halls when they had brooks! :-) four kids looks good on you, just not under the age of 4. the hotel looked amazing! so fun you got to trade off kids and do that!

The Wilsons said...

They would probably be thinking that you must be praying for a girl! :)

Shannon said...

What a treat! I am really needing a night at the four seasons. Maybe not in Doha...but I might just make the trip if I could stay there! It looks beautiful! So glad you and Nick got to enjoy some time together minus the Bees. Love you!

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