Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Dinner at Church

Sounds easy and simple to throw together...IF YOU'RE IN THE US of A!!! All we needed was just one Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge...or Walmart for crying out loud! I was on the planning committee for our 1st ever church Christmas dinner. When it was all said and done...we had an awesome evening of fellowship and all the details came together. Christmas decor is becoming more and more available in Doha, you just never know what you'll find. Most of it looks like is from 1980 but with a little creativity and our own home decorations, we were able to pull it off. What truly mattered was the time we were able to spend with other Believers for celebrating one of the most important holidays of our faith. Its a blessing we're even able to do that in this country.

Outside the villa where our church meets

We had about 300 people attend. We set up for 200 people to eat outside and the others were inside. The tables and chairs were rentals, of course. The rental company insisted we cover up the ugly red chairs...huh?? Seriously, when it comes to taste...Westerners usually have the opposite opinion in Doha. We thought they actually pulled everything together and added to the Christmas spirit :)

We had coloring books made for the kids...which turned out to be a hit.

Me and Dede

LaRoveres and Junods

Kids leading Christmas carols before we ate

We had some of the food catered and the rest was a good ol' church pot-luck! We obviously have expats from all over the world that go to our church. So everyone was asked to bring a dish from their home country.

(Just for the record, I need drugs or something special these days for my children to look at the camera and smile. It really makes me want to rip the picture up...not the children, just the picture...HELP!)

Mr. Jerry and Barrett working on their colors

This was adorable and hilarious too...
An incredible artist on our committee, painted this precious scene for pictures.

Our very own baby Jesus

My Girl and Queen Party Planner for the evening!!

My Man!


Sharon said...

I'm so happy for you and so proud of you for working so hard to make something special for all of your church people! What a blessing!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the painted scene pics! Too precious!

Looks like ya'll did a fabulous job! You look so pretty by the way!

shannonmichaelis said...

if only barrett could always look like that while praying! great job, USA hostess! way to bring jesus into the middle east....

Shannon said...

Those pictures of you and your family as Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are hysterical! What an incredible blessing for you guys to have such an awesome church family.

angie said...

WOW! Very impressive, I love that you guys were able to celebrate Christmas in Doha!!! Everything looks great and I love the nativity:-). I hope you are enjoying your flight right now and ready to actually be cold for a change.
As far as the boys not smiling- you KNOW I can relate. I wish I had some advice but the only thing that works is Mark making some sort of tooting noise( just remember that when you get our Christmas card:-)). Have a great visit with your sweet family. Enjoy!

Gayla Harris said...

We were so sorry to have missed this. Since we were out of church for a couple of weeks, we really didn't know about it. It looks like ya'll had a fun evening.