Monday, December 14, 2009

First few days away from Doha...

After a pretty rough flight and travel from Doha to Houston we were so so happy to finally be in Dallas. Needless to say it was all worth it!! We went to sleep about 2:30am after giving Honey and Papa big hugs and literally falling into bed. Thankfully our jetlag issues haven't been all that bad since we missed out on so much sleep while we were traveling.

Our first day home, we got moving! We had a lot of important things to do like get haircuts and buy socks and shoes (we're used to flip flops). It was 26 degrees on Wednesday!

I had a doctors appointment at 1pm to visit with my Dallas doctor and repeat the 20 week ultrasound. Until we got an American confirmation, I wasn't totally convinced we were having a girl. Let's just say we are 100% sure, its a GIRL! Mom surprised me with the pink boa and the cute sign.

Restless is an understatement for these jetlagged boys...and then they just fall over!
Here's a little rest time...they could hardly hold themselves up while waiting for the doc.

Grocery shopping with Honey while Mommy shopped at the Gap.

Unfortunately I've had some problems with the focus on my camera.
The boys met Cousin Graham for the first time. We've talked about him so much, its like he's always been apart of the Hall family.

Poor Graham...

Headlock...practicing what not to do with a little sister.

Modeling new cold weather wear.

On Thursday I got to see one my best friends (Cabell) from highschool and Baylor. She and Ashley have become good friends and have lots of playdates with their little ones. This was the first time I got to meet precious Jude, her newest addition.

Too bad I am camera challenged with the focus...

Adorable Baby Jude

Supper Time at Babe's Chicken!! Is there anything better? Brooks ate like a horse!

Jetlag nap...these happen in the most random places.

Jetlag nap and a little sickness. Poor Brooks has the most sensitive tummy. Change in just about anything throws his tummy for a loop. So poor Brooks got the pukies all day Saturday. No fear...24 hours later he was good to go! Unfortunately that's a usual thing for Brooks.