Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy!

Although we've enjoyed every minute of our stay in the States...the only thing missing has been DADDY! To say that we missed him would be an understatement. God was so faithful to answer my prayers that have been headed His way for months before we came home. The boys have been healthy and we were able to do all we planned and expected to do. We've had lots of fun but we're really glad Daddy is with us now!

Boys painting our "welcome home sign" the day before he arrived

Before we left Nick gave me a stack of letters for Brooks and a stack of letters for Bear. Nick was obviously really concerned about being away from them for so long. He came up with such a great idea to write them a letter to read at bedtime every night. The boys always looked forward to it, plus it was a great reminder of Daddy.

This is picture of Barrett giving Daddy a kiss. Each letter had a picture of Daddy and Son.

This was the last letter on the night before Daddy came home. He always included a little note, the picture of himself and either Brooks or Barrett, a Bible verse, PLUS (their favorite part!!!) a picture of something that pertained to his note. In this note there was a picture of a British Airways airplane, just like the one he flew home on. Every night the excitement focused on what the picture was going to be. Most exciting was anything having to do with football, planes, trucks, tractors or fish. Daddy brought with him 2 more stacks of letters for our last few weeks apart.

The boys were napping so I went to pick up Nick while they stayed with Tatty. Brooks was waiting anxiously when we drove up.

Poor Barrett was asleep and like any Daddy would do, Nick woke the sleeping beau. I was so thankful the boys didn't skip a beat after having been apart for so long. They were both SO thrilled to be in his arms and have him home.

We also got to welcome Uncle Vince home from Japan the same night. Check out the pose on Brooks. He was following Nick's directions.

Lots of just hanging around with Dad.

Taken by the famous photog, Brooks!

Ronnie, Uncle Brett, Nick and Kathy

Having spent our entire July in the swimming pool. We've met some major milestones. Brooks has learned to swim and gained all kinds of confidence around the water (especially since Daddy's been around).

Jumping together.

The traveling bike...Brooks was rewarded with a new bike and its been all over Texas with us since we can't take it to Doha.


Sabina said...

I know just how you feel! The summer is great fun, but missing DADDY! Brian left yesterday, after being here on off for a month. I could hardly stand to leave him at the airport!

Nick,the letters were an awesome, awesome idea! You are a great Daddy. And Wendi, you are a fantastic Mommy! Lucky little Bees!
Can't wait to see y'all in Doha!

angie said...

YAY for homecomings! I am so thankful that you guys are together again!!! I love these pictures, you can just feel the excitement from the boys and Nick. I bet you have never been so happy to see you hubby. That Brooks also took an AMAZING picture:-).

Caryn said...

Such a perfect reunion from Doha...and Japan :) Precious pictures, little Bee kissing Daddy's letter picture is priceless. And I love the banner! I can just feel a tiny piece of the excitement through the pictures and it is overwhelming.

Nick you are a superstar Dad for preparing all those letters! What a treasure for your boys and perfect reminder that even when you are far away you are there with them (should we ever need to move to a foreign country and spend 5 weeks apart Stacey will be getting his letter writing on).

Seriously, what a fantastic pair you guys make. So gad you are getting to enjoy a few weeks together!!!! Praying that the Lord would multiply the hours. Love you

Rick and Beth said...

What a sweet reunion! There's nothing like a daddy. That reminds me of when my daddy had to live and work in Indiana for 2 months while mom, Jill and I prepared for a cross-country move. He sent us cassettes (yes, this dates was the 80's) of him reading us chapters of The Little House on the Prairie books. That was our bedtime reading of choice. Sweet memories. We'd play the same chapters over and over just to hear his voice. They will always cherish their loving dad!

Katy said...

Very creative, Mr. Nick! What a sweetheart Daddy!!! I know you are SO glad to see his face! :) I am so happy to see your precious family together!!

Shannon said...

Once again, sweet Nick comes through. What a super idea to write the boys letters and how precious those pictures were. I LOVE the fact that he went in and woke up Barrett. That sweet kiss is priceless.

The Berridges said...

So precious! What a great daddy (and mommy) those sweet Bees have!

Kacey said...

I have tears in my eyes from that sweet embrace with Brooks! So glad you are getting some much needed daddy time:) Sweet, sweet family

shannonmichaelis said...

love it all! the banner - such a great idea. and i still love the planning on nick's part with the letters. nothing like reading a letter about brushing your teeth while staying at aunt shani's house! love all the water photos - bones on brooks of the one of him in the air! love it all - i can still remember that same anticipation during baseball season....

Leslie said...

SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!! What a great dad to write notes to his boys! Love that. I also can't believe how blonde your boys are. Probably all that pool time.

rackersfamily said...

I love the letters from daddy... that has to be the sweetest thing ever. It just touched my heart that he would take the time to make each one so personal and so many... Scott just calls or texts ;)
Glad you guys are having a great visit!