Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanging with Nick in Dallas

After we spent the weekend in Kentucky we headed to Dallas for Nick's last few days in the States. Although it sounds like we were jumping around like crazy from state to state, we actually had a pretty easy schedule. We tried to prioritize our time with family and friends so that it wasn't rushed.

One evening we had dinner at Aunt Rosie's house. She cooked a ham, which happens to be one of our favorite foods while home. With no pork in Qatar we've jumped on every opportunity we can to enjoy a little piggy!
(Aunt Rosie's drive-way is where Nick's truck is parked while we're in Doha. We're so thankful she has the space and generously shares is with Mr. Tundra!)

Glow Sticks from Honey...always a favorite!

Anna Lou and the Pool

Headed out for a date night...

We met some of our best Dallas friends for dinner.
Kristin, Caryn, Wendi, Shea

Sheps, Browns, Smiths, Davis's, Junods

After dinner Nick and I had a chance to hang out for much needed time by ourselves.

Highlight of the week for the boys...Papa's brand new football field! DHS just got new facilities and the boys were more than happy to break it in before 2-a-days started last week.

We've all been so healthy this summer. Sickness was bound to hit. Both boys got a horrible cold and Brooks caught a tummy bug.

We had a big family baseball evening planned but since Brooks was too sick, Honey insisted on staying home with him so the rest of us could still go.

The guys went fishing a few times while Nick was here. Another MUST while we were State-side. Is a bag of cleaned fish as impressive as the fish before they're cleaned?? I'm not sure but this is proof they caught fish!
Nick, Dad, David

Uncle Dave showing Brooks how to play swords

Family dinner at Babe's in Frisco

Frisco Train

Night-time entertainment...old bikes! Pure comedy!

Nick is riding my sister's old bike.

Master Buddy...BEST DOG EVER!

Uncles and Cousins


shannonmichaelis said...

so fun with all the family time, fishing, etc. only 2.5 more weeks until family reunion again! clueless about your blogger. why don't you separate it into different categories (family and friends). that's what i did....

Lindsey said...

Well, when you move back to Houston Nick can sign up to be Captain PROclean next time! It was a lot of fun and our first time participating this year. Your boys would have loved it.

Sounds like you have been super busy this summer! I bet you are soaking in all your family & friends before you head back. When do you have to go back? I need to get caught up on your blog! :)

Shannon said...

I have no clue about your blog question. I do have a clue about how funny it is to see you and Nick on those bikes! I laughed out loud at that picture. Looking forward to dinner next week!