Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Houston, Washers, Lupes, Friends...PERFECT!

Just before we left Houston we got together with some of our dearest friends in Houston. Nick and I have both missed our consistent and faithful friends we left in H-town. We both wondered if the "outta sight, outta mind" mentality would come true to our relationships back at home when we moved to Doha. Thank the good LORD, we have been so blessed. Not only have my girls kept in touch but Nick's buddies have been so loyal to call and keep up too. So seeing these guys and their wives was a MUST when Nick was home. The Michaelis's generously hosted us and LUPE's fajitas came through just as we had dreamed they would!!

Nick's fave...Red Velvet

A party with Nick isn't complete unless you play washers. Most of the men playing that evening have their very own set of washer pits made by Nick himself.

Tracy, Jenise, Shannon, Wendi, Krisin, Jenn

Kim, Jenise, Katie
(Jenise has now moved to Victoria, TX...we've enjoyed sharing our moving miseries. She's was so sweet to drive in to see us. But the party wasn't complete with out her hubs Stephen who had to work)

Jenn, Emily, Kristin

Kim, Paige, Wendi, Rachel

Shannon and Paige
I've been friends with Paige for almost 9 years...she was one of my first Houston friends that I didn't have a college connection with. I took my very first job out of BU and thank goodness Paige was there. We've been friends ever since. Paige and her husband, Jason are so fun. Nick loves her husband and all of his hobbies..fishing, hunting, handywork, etc. Go figure!

Mike and Nick
Mike is our BIL, David's brother. Thank goodness Ash married Dave. We LOVE ALL the HALLS!

Jeff, Mike, David, Jason, Derek

Dirk, Casey, Cory, Kyle (majority of this table lives to hunt so you can see why Nick loves them)

Nick and Jeff
Jeff is Nick's BFF from Baylor. (that's right BFF can apply to men) Jeff is an incredibly loyal friend!

The next morning we went to church with Derek and Shannon which was great! These two peeps are a few of our "roots" in Houston. Houston wouldn't be Houston to us, with out the Michaelis's. We really should celebrate our upcoming 8 year anniversary with them as friends! They're family...not friends! Thank you S&D for taking such good care of us!


Leslie said...

I was so worried our Dallas friends would forget about us too. Seems like get together are more fun than ever. I'm sure you would agree!! Love seeing Tracy Brown!!

shannonmichaelis said...

girl, you're making me lose it on these posts! has it really been 8 years? that's longer than most of my friends' marriages here in houston. the michaelis' will ALWAYS be waiting for our buds to return back to houston, for however long or short a visit. so thankful we got that small pocket of time together, sans kids! love you, love you!