Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fort Knox and different perspective...

When we went to see our family in Kentucky we also spent a significant amount of time together at Fort Knox learning about the Army and Chris's job. There is absolutely no way I can describe how I have been changed as an American now having seen and experienced what we did that weekend. It may sound dramatic but I'm serious. I will never know the sacrifice these families and men make but I will ALWAYS consider this the most admirable and honorable professional job that a man or woman can have.
Our outing to Fort Knox was supposed to for the boys...showing them tanks and hummers. Thankfully it was much more than that for me. Chris is a Drill Sergeant in the US Army. He's been in the Army for 10 years. He and Amanda have lived in Colorado, California, Kentucky and they now are scheduled to move back to Colorado in November. Chris works 7 days a week with extremely long hours and occasional day off. It was an incredible sacrifice for him to get time off to spend while we were there. In April, Chris had a large tumor removed from his back. Many of our friends and family prayed for him. He's healthy, strong and back to work in full force. And I'm proud of it!! I'm telling you, I had no idea what it meant for him and others to serve our country. I guess I didn't know about the little things. The details that get no recognition and the little things that must make mothers of soldiers stay on their knees in prayer. The mental, emotional and physical requirements are beyond normal. And that's without WAR. Chris will be deployed to Afghanistan in March. I have a pit in my stomach just writing this because of how challenging that time will be. I have only tasted a tiny tiny bit of what its like for "daddy" to be in another country....but putting himself in harms way, living in crazy conditions, and being gone for several months if not years...its honestly something I've always kept at a distance. Shame on me! These families, extended families and soldiers need and deserve our prayers daily. Not only the ones at war but at every single US post across the world, whether they are in training or the highest ranking officer. We are blessed to have people willing to do what they do for our freedom and this country. Now I know personally what its like to live in a country that doesn't have freedom and I've been forever changed by it. I know it all sounds a little dramatic but every person should seriously spend some time digging deep to know what it takes for these people to live the life of military. And not just the employed but the spouse and children too. The Naylors are doing an incredible job taking care of each other and dealing with challenges that come with the lifestyle. I respect and love them so much for who they are to us personally but also for what they do for everyone else. God bless them!!
Thank you Chris for sharing so much with us and thank you for choosing to protect us day in day out! You will always be in our prayers. We love you, Naylors!

The real Fort Knox with the gold!! Click on the picture to see what also made the photo...Mr. Fox with his catch!! What are the chances???

Soldiers in training

An absolutely ridiculous hill soldiers at Ft. Knox march..

More field training

Tanks...this was awesome for the boys! Not just anyone can take a look at these vehicles. Thanks for the sweet hook up, Uncle Chris!

Enormous amount of rocks...aka play land, of course. Let the throwing begin!


Inside the hummer

Huge truck...really wish I could remember all the names of these vehicles.

There's Bear again in the rocks...

Uncle Chris and the Junod boys

Terminator Soldiers!

Grandma Gale and Grandpa
(Grandma is a teacher and her co-worker is writing a book about this special bunny who travels to all 50 states. Along with the book, there are pictures of the bunny in each here he is in KY at Ft. Knox)

Last but not least my little Sgt. Brooks. Is he seriously commanding me to do something?? Bad part is that he's for real, not pretending! What happens when people put those helmets on??
Let's just say Brooks loved, and was very serious about every bit of Ft Knox and seeing the soldiers in action. Barrett was a little more interested in the rocks. I guess Bear will stay home with me while Brooks deploys to other side of the world one day! AHH!

Honestly as a mother, I would be scared to death for one of my boys to be in the military but more importantly, I would be incredibly proud!


Caryn said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip!! I can't believe all you've been able to do while you are here. What a incredible, memorable summer for you guys! The picture of Brooks in that hat is PERFECT. The swing pictures are great too. Loved reading both posts.

I'll take some 85 degree weather PLEASE!

Nick said...

Great post, Wen (tears rolling down my eyeballs). My sentiments exactly. I've hence turned in my resignation at CoP and have enlisted. God bless the U.S. and God bless the Nay Nay's.