Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kentucky with Cousins!

When Nick was the in the States we flew to Kentucky to visit family for a long weekend. Nick's sister, Amanda and our brother-in-law, Chris live there with our adorable cousin Annabelle. Chris is in the Army and stationed at Fort Knox. We actually had a mini family reunion with the Ledbetter family. Nick's dad, Newell and his wife Gale also joined well as Nick's 1/2 brother, Zack and his family. We had 4 kiddos under 3 and they had a blast. Thank the good Lord for the weather He blessed us with and fellowship we had with each other. We made lots of fun memories!

View of the drive to Chris and Amanda's house. They live in Elizabethtown (same as in the movie). We LOVED the scenery and beauty of Kentucky!

The start to many meals on the back porch!

Check out the backyard!!

And the FEATURE of our weekend!!


Cousin Annabelle - 2 1/2 yrs old

Cousin Alisia - 3 yrs old

Feeding the ducks at the lake

Barrett loved it. Poor guy doesn't have ducks in Doha and its been too dang hot in Texas.

Picnic at the lake

Riding Uncle Nick the horse...

Serious Swinging!!
(That's Brooks. Barrett wouldn't go near it.)

Grill Sgt. Naylor! - seriously unbelievable burgers and fajitas!


Nailed it!

More swinging...
I loved this picture but as you can see from many pictures, my photography was really lacking over the weekend. This one was over exposed so we switched over to black and white. Maybe its better that way. What are the chances these kids would pose like this....they did!

Barbie glad Santa doesn't bring boys Barbie toys!
They loved it a little too much!

We had the best fresh corn...
Cooking Tip: don't do anything to the corn, take it in the husk only and microwave each ear for 3 min...DONE and delish! News to me! Try it out!

We seriously ate every meal outside...the scenery and weather was too perfect. Never above 85!

On our last night Uncle Chris gave us a special fireworks show in their backyard. Shoot...Move to KY so you can have your own personal fireworks in your backyard anytime you want!

Smiley face firework...never seen this before. So cool! Kids loved it!

Its pretty pathetic how few pictures I took of the adults. I'm so sorry!! We actually had professional photos taken while we were there. So I'll be able to introduce the whole Ledbetter family when we get those proofs back.


angie said...

Dreamy weather!!! And wonderful pictures, everything looks so relaxing. I like you, didn't think much about the sacrifice soldiers make every single day so thank you for bringing this very important post. I will be praying for Chris' protection and that the family will be able to make a smooth transition.

shannonmichaelis said...

Great reminder of how important our soldiers are to us. Such fun, awesome scenery with the yard of katie tuey's dreams! Love the cousins close in age. Love all the green. Great smile firework photo. Who knew?