Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alisa's Moroccan Birthday!

How many cooks can get in this birthday kitchen???
Last week we celebrated one my dearest friends in Doha, Alisa.  She is solid as a rock and literally a prayer pillar for me and and many others here in the desert. Not to mention she knows how to have a good time and is pretty hilarious.  We celebrated her birthday Moroccan style because last year all of the ladies below minus myself took a girl's trip to Morocco.  My small tots kept me home but they kindly still included me in the special birthday lunch.  Each of girl on the trip bought a Moroccan dress and thanks to Gena she bought 2 and shared with me. So it was indeed a costume party.  Including my thick black eye liner :)  We all helped to cook an amazing veggie/couscous lunch.  It was such fun and made for wonderful memories! 
Alisa and me
Yes, these chicas are all a little more "mature" than I am.  And am I forever grateful!!!  I have never in my life had more incredible mentors at my fingertips.  Its absolutely no doubt divine timing. I think of them as my roots in you have your roots back home where your mama is...well that's the capacity at which these women serve me!

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Ashley Hall said...

What an awesome group! I know they love you just as much as you love them!!