Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saleh Good bye!

Once again I cannot get used to letting people go. This place in the desert has a way of bonding people together and sharing something unlike any other relationship you have outside the expat world.  Kim and Jamie had lived in Doha for 5 years so it was definitely their time to take on the next adventure but I felt like our friendship was too new to let go.  When we moved to a new compound a year ago we met them and our kids instantly became friends. I also was sucked in to Kim and her instant personality of fun and crazy.  I've never met a more vibrant personality.  God has big plans for using her and I'm just so thankful He blessed me with the opportunity to know and love her.  I miss her so much. She was an every day friend for me.  We carpooled to and from school and just made a point to be in touch throughout the day.  Alaska doesn't know what's coming.  There will be a lot more fun and loud times because of Kim Saleh.  

So of course there was a need to party before they moved.  I (with lots of help) planned a going away party for them at our compound pool.  We rented a big water slide and feasted on lots of good food.  Unfortunately I woke up that morning with a horrible bug (I think I caught in India) and wasn't able to be there for very much of it so that's why there are few pictures.  We had a huge turn out which is a testiment to the kind of friend Kim and Jamie were to sooo many!  They most definitely left their mark on Doha and the people they crossed paths with.  

Fun pool party with all of our kiddos! Sweet Duffy girls and Emery.
Feghalis and Scotts
Amazing cakes that Esther and Tracy made representing a big move from desert Doha to cold Alaska! 
Kim and friends!
Aunt Gena and Georgie! 
 Kimmie and Georgie!
And one last night out childfree!  We went with Jamie and Kim to our favorite Indian food restaurant, Chingari.
 Perfectly posed. I didn't want Kim to forget the important people in Doha.  Obviously me!!
 We also took one last opportunity to have a girls dinner out with Kim just a few nights before Doha was history. 
Arabic cuisine of course to send her off. 
JOY! Love her!
We all went around the table and gave her some last sweet words to take with her.  It was quite emotional. Vicky's expression says it all.  Its almost hard to express Kim's uniqueness and how special she was to each of us in such an individual way.  She makes everyone feel like they're her favorite.  All or nothin' type girl!
 In her element...never still, never quiet, never to be replaced!
 Miss you like crazy Kimmie! Love you and look forward to the next time I hug you!
This was the day of the tragic Villagio fire where 19 people lost their lives. Much of our conversation revolved around it and one of our dear friends didn't come to dinner because her neighbor lost 3 children. The amazing thing about Kim is that she brings people together. We didn't know each other very well but we all without hesitation prayed in the middle of the street that night. I'll never for that night and moment.

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Sher said...

Such a sweet memory for us all. I agree with everything you said about Kim, what a honey!!