Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mother's Day!

Nick planned a Mother's Day treat for all of us to have Friday brunch at the Ritz.  Definitely NOT our usual breakfast or lunch spot.  Its a feast to say the least and they cater to the kids.  We all had way too much to eat and enjoyed the luxury.  So thankful for a gift certificate that went towards most of our indulgence!
Kids area with movies, popcorn and of course local Arabic majless seating.
Candy Bar
Arabic Sweets...basically butter, sugar and nuts - delicious!  
And dates of course.
Cupcakes and desserts galore!  Even at the Ritz, desserts in this land are prettier than they taste unfortunately.  They're not bad, just not as good as they look.
Kids serving tables complete with anything absolutely anything a kid would want! Cheeseburgers, pizza, hot dogs, pasta, etc.
  Nick drooling over the many food tables. 
God bless em...its Mother's Day not Halloween but who cares...they were so pumped about the face painting!  Georgia's not so sure...
Some of our dear friends were there too celebrating their awesome mama!  Who I happen to adore and respect as one of the absolute BEST!  
Alisa, Reed, Nathaniel and Cody
 Bat boy!
When babies are happy, mama's happy so I think it was a perfect mother's day brunch!
Gotta love the artwork display
ALWAYS so sad not to be with our own moms on this special day!  Love you both so much and thank you for loving us so well!

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